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How To Nail This Power Move For Strength & Conditioning

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There are just some of our DVRT movements that become super popular because people find them relatable to exercises they already think are great. People love our plank lateral drags because they make plank training better and many love our Ultimate Sandbag power cleans because they know the power clean can build great strength and conditioning, but can often be too difficult to teach with many other implements.

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Well, they think this until they start performing our Ultimate Sandbag power clean. We don’t think a movement is advanced because it is overly complicated, but because there are many attributes of the exercise that require higher levels of strength, power, stability, and mobility. Our Ultimate Sandbag power clean is no different, so if we want to build great strength and conditioning we have to understand not just the lifting technique, but the progressions involved as well.

It isn’t as simple as just doing some deadlifts so that we know how to hip hinge and then we perform our power cleans for strength and conditioning. Rather, we have to build not only movement proficiency in the hip hinge, we have to understand how to control our core, generate greater force from the ground up, how to great explosive power, and how to decelerate well too! In other words, there is more going on than most people realize. That is why the progressions below will go a long way in helping people develop the skills, fitness, and success in the power clean that develops the all around strength and conditioning.

We also have a few different ways to clean our Ultimate Sandbag. Each is used for a different purpose so helping people understand proper technique AND how different types of our cleans work is essential in really appreciating all our Ultimate Sandbag power cleans have to offer.

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