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How to Succeed in the Fitness Industry


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If you guys couldn’t tell, I am trying to bring a lot more voices to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training than just my own. That is because I think it is awesome to hear how other people are using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training not to just change the way they train themselves, but how they are changing the WHOLE fitness industry! 

I consider myself fortunate to meet so many great coaches that are willing to trust the power of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training with themselves and their fitness businesses. Today I wanted to share some cool stuff by coach Cory Cripe of Fitness Lying Down. Recently I got a chance to work with Cory and Anthony in Chicago and loved their approach and the results they get for their clients. So, check out how you can use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to get an edge in so many aspects of fitness! Plus they were REALLY smart to wear their “I LOVE Sandbags” shirts!!


Q: Cory, could you tell us a little bit how you got into fitness?

A: I was introduced to “lifting weights” by my late step-father when I was in middle school. We made working out a part of our daily schedule throughout all of my middle & high school years and it just kept going when I went to college. I was excited to find a program at the university level for strength & conditioning and adding more to my passion than just picking things up and setting them down!

Q: What were some early lessons you learned being a fitness professional versus a fitness enthusiast?

A: As an enthusiast I always was thirsting for everything new, finding the edge in fitness… what was the latest trend I could learn. Everything was a lesson. As a professional, sometimes I find myself closing in on my own ideas and not embracing anything new. That has not only been an early lesson, but an ongoing lesson – to keep being the student. Improving my base of knowledge improves my clients.

Q: What are some common challenges you have faced trying to help people achieve their goals?

A: I find that I can get caught up with what I believe to be the best goal for a client without actually listening to what their actual goals are. Most times, however, it seems that their goals can actually be too unrealistic and we have to find the middle where we both agree on goals that are reasonable & sustainable.

Q: You recently attended our DVRT certification, what made you attend and what did you get out of the program?

A: I have been drinking the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training kool-aid for a few years now by watching the YouTube videos, reading the blogs, and other articles. After working with the Ultimate Sandbags for over a year I knew I had more questions than answers and wanted to find out THE BEST way to utilize the DVRT system in our training.

I knew I wasn’t going to learn any new Ultimate Sandbag exercises, but I was looking forward to learning more coaching cues and better ways to use the Ultimate Sandbags and I was NOT disappointed! Learning to use the tool and system better are far more powerful than learning any new and “sexy” new exercise. I am eager to learn more and excited for Level II and hopefully master trainer…


Q: How has this changed your approach with your clients?

A: I have more certainty with my DVRT coaching cues and feel more confident when instructing our clients.

Q: What would you tell someone thinking about attending a DVRT educational program?

A: Be prepared to learn about a system that may contradict everything you know about health & fitness! Of course in a good way;) 

Q: What advice could you give other professionals or those looking to achieve their goals?

A: Never settle. Never settle and think you’ve reached the top. Never settle and think you know it all. Never settle and believe you’re the best. Stay true to who you are and always keep learning!


Q: How can people reach you?

A: fitnesslyingdown@gmail.com


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