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How to Train Like A Jedi

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I wrote the other day how sometimes the inspiration for our blogs comes from things we see in real life, well kinda real life. Yesterday it was trending on social media actress, Daisy Ridley, practicing her light saber skills for next year’s Star Wars movie. As a kid that grew up heavily with Star Wars (my younger brother couldn’t go to sleep on car trips unless the Ewok song was playing, yes, I blackmail him with that story today!), this brought back so many fond memories and excitement for next year. 


Movies in many ways remind me of fitness in that I believe are suppose to be really fun. So OF COURSE, I couldn’t help but watch the video and think of something we speak about A LOT in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Something that often falls on some deaf ears because let’s face it, strength training really has become less and less graceful and athletic as the years go by. 

That DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concept is that of rotation. Now, we aren’t the only ways that talk about rotational training, but I believe we do have one of the best refined systems in teaching how to use it properly. 

In the past I have tried to give a lot of science to why rotational training is so critical in real life functional fitness. However, watching this video of Ms. Ridley makes the discussion so simple. Yes, I do realize light sabers are NOT (sadly) real. Yet, the skills she is showing is based on the martial art, Wushu (based on her post so don’t beat me up if slightly off, you are missing the point:)

If you watch her move you see grace, athleticism, agility, and I do believe strength. It is ALL based on her rotation. Watch her feet, hips, and how fluid her movements are in such seamless motion. You still don’t think rotation is essential to ideas we hold tight to real functional fitness? Now, knowing what to do and how to do it are two different things. 

That is why I wanted to break down 5 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training rotational drills that build various aspects of this style of training. The result? Not just getting good at rotation, but building better mobility, athleticism, grace, and yes, real world strength.


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