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How To Truly Make A Successful Fitness Career

Ultimate Sandbag Fitness equipment

There is a reason that the average lifespan of a fitness professional is 18 months. It makes sense why many fitness pros are overworked, frustrated, and still feel like they are struggling to “make it”. A big part comes from the horrible false expectations that social media personalities put out on the web. Heck, now everyone seems to be making 7 figures and they just started their businesses yesterday! Pretty crazy when the average fitness pro makes 55-70k a year. It isn’t that these people are in the 1%, more likely they are selling you a dream that helps them, but not you.

fitness professional

That is why today I wanted to have an honest discussion about solving the income struggle of so many fitness professionals.

We talk about…

-How much should you make?

-Does this work with your lifestyle goals?

-What will this take?

-Is your business actually successful or are you sabotaging it without knowing?

-What is your budget for things like purchasing more equipment, going to education, and so on?

-How are you going to start thinking about retirement and having savings that allows you to have a life?

Hope you will check it out below!

fitness professional

Knowing what is important in your life and business is essential

Listen to just the audio HERE

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