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How Ultimate Sandbag Training Makes You Resilient!

sandbag training

One of the greatest responsibilities when you have knowledge to help others is to make sure you use that to do just that! Ever since we moved to Las Vegas a little over two years ago many of our neighbors have been trying to figure out what Jessica and I do for a living. I’ll admit, when we try to describe what our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program is all about many people give us a bit of a strange look. Not for the reasons you may think though!

We often end up explaining to people that we offer continuing education for fitness professionals and therapists. This is where things get a bit interesting. Many can wrap their heads around the idea of continuing education for therapists, but when it comes to fitness professionals they seem more confused. 

sandbag training

We have been working with so many fitness professionals and therapists this year on really understanding how functional training makes people so much better!

Whether we like it or not, to some degree, perception is reality. For the average person the fitness professional is someone who just makes you sweat, counts to ten, and makes you generally hate life. Sadly, our industry has done itself many favors in this regards. 

That’s why whenever I can help others see our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program is about education of the body, I love to take it! As we have built trust in explaining things better to our neighbors they have started to come seek advice for many of the common problems, low backs, achy knees, and problematic shoulders. Just this past week Jessica was working with one neighbor who is in the military but developed a problem with his shoulder. 

He is all into training and does overall a lot of the exercises that most would say is very good for the body. However, he has fallen into two classic traps. The first is going too hard too early. Whenever someone asks me if “x” exercise is good my first question back is, “for who?” Often the question is not if the exercise is good, but is it good for you and what foundation have you built to perform the exercise. 

We have this same challenge for our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program. People love the “cool” looking exercises and tend to want to jump right into those movements. The other side is people will judge a more complex exercise from our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program as stupid or “useless” without really understanding the intent or how we got that level of movement. 

Athlete or someone who just wants to be healthy, EVERYONE needs to build a strong foundation! That often means learning how to use the body correctly, understanding how we move, how we connect our body, and thinking bigger than just lifting a weight. Even though this is a simple sounding goal it is a MAJOR mind shift for many people! 

sandbag training

A big part of this foundation is build pelvic control and connecting chains of the body like the lats/core/ and glutes. Not just knowing to connect these muscles, but HOW to do so is even more important. 

Creating a strong foundation in the pelvis is the difference between trying to build a tall building on a weak or strong foundation. That is one of the more unique aspects of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program, having so many layers to building quality movement. 

Most people don’t realize that so many of their low back, knee, and shoulder issues are related to poor core stability and pelvic control. The reason this area of the body has been called “the core” is because so much of our movement is controlled by the core’s ability to create stability and strength. 

That is why Jessica didn’t necessarily start with a ton of isolated shoulder exercises for our friend. Instead she used the concepts from our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program to teach how to create pelvic stability, create proper tension, and how to integrate the shoulder with the entire body rather than seeing it as an isolated part of the body. 

Foundational DVRT exercises give us that solid foundation with pelvic control, but the devil is in the details. 

The evolution of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program is not just showing you how to maximize these functional fitness concepts with just the Ultimate Sandbag, but demonstrating the synergy that integrating other tools with the same focus can create in our workouts. 

These drills are all shoulder prehab, corrective, and strength based exercises. They use the concepts of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program to not just make your body stronger, but function at a higher level resulting in a body that just doesn’t perform better in the gym, but feels stronger and more resilient in life! Pay attention to the little cues that make a BIG difference in your training.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the difference our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program can make in EVERYTHING you do in your workouts. Check out our upcoming DVRT educational programs HERE and save 25% on our Online Education HERE (including our DVRT Shoulder Course) with coupon code “summersale”