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How Ultimate Sandbag Workouts Change Your Life!

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I don’t know if you read DVRT Master, Annmarie’s great post a few days ago (you can read it HERE). A lot of it was talking about aspects of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts that most people don’t consider but are SO impactful to getting results.

You will notice I had a quote in there too. One of the things I have really spent a lot of time on is thinking about what I want DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts to be known for. While it might be easy to say things like “high intensity training”, “functional based training”, or “instability exercises”, I think those are all features, but what is the MAIN benefit.

When Annmarie asked me I sat there and I think I came up with what I want DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts to be known for….

We all want our fitness to be purposeful, we want to look good, feel good, and live our lives the best ways possible. However, so many fitness programs are really designed for the gym, not how we live outside of it. The goal with DVRT and using the Ultimate Sandbag is to bridge our physical goals with those of having a better quality of life. There are few things I have ever found that can create the results in the period of time that DVRT does and in such a fun and challenging way!

Cheesy to quote yourself right? Well, I only did so because I wanted to really give you the essence of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. WHY do we do the things we do beyond just the science, coolness, and challenge. What are we REALLY trying to achieve.

This was reinforced to me the past several weeks with SO many people writing in how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts were just making their lives better! Like this one from massage therapist, Jennifer Bordine Simons, really touched us because of all she has been through!

“A few weeks ago marked 8 years since I had a hysterectomy. I’ll go into that some other time…

At the time of my surgery I was 65 pounds heavier then I am currently. The incision healed, but post surgery I didn’t do a damn thing. My core has been on a permanent vacation. I’ve been training for years, plagued with injuries due to compensation and nothing could unlock this “mystery”. Then I discovered Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

Although every exercise with the Ultimate Sandbag brings something different to the table, THIS ONE changed my life-changed it! This is the exercise that allows me to connect in my kettlebell  presses, this helps me feel connection in my squats. Sandbags are able to get into the corners of my training where kettlebells and other tools can’t quite reach, and they improve everything-even my massages. If you haven’t worked with them, go online and check out Ultimate workouts.

Tons of content and great quality products created by two of the nicest and most brilliant people I’ve me.”

Who says flattery won’t get you anywhere;)

That was awesome, but then seeing this one by Strength Coach, Joel Gunterman, just made the whole week THAT much better!


“I had hip Ultimate Sandbag hip bridges planned for today and it turned into hip Ultimate Sandbag hip bridge + Deck Squat.

My first set felt good, so I tried single leg. Much more difficult!!! Starting with activating the lats and gluts with the hip bridge to creating the foundation to progress into the deck squat.

A couple years ago, I couldn’t do a deck squat due to my lower back. The USB and DVRT System has changed that!

Thank you Josh and Jessica!!!”

Really I share this with you because I still believe people look at our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts and wonder if it is really for them, or does it work as well as they claim? After all, how does a bag of sand do all that? Well, it is over a decade of engineering a tool that with the right system could be the most transformative experience you have ever had. That is why we give a 30-day money back guarantee, because we want people to remove all the excuses NOT to dramatically change their health and life!

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