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I HATE You Workout!

I HATE You Workout!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

Yea, that was the response I got when Jessica completed what LOOKED like a really simple DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout. You see, her goal is to really dominate the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press Challenge with the 60 pound Strength. Having had completely torn her rotator cuffs from her years as a competitive athlete, we have worked on building her core and lower body power/strength in a way where she relies less and less on her upper body. 

That is why I had her do a really simple DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout that still worked everything from head to toe, but allowed us to work on some weaknesses at the same time. 

Bear Hug Cleans: 1-10

Bear Hug Squat: 10-1

ultimate sandbag bear hug squat

That means 1 Bear Hug Clean then immediately 10 Bear Hug Squats. Then 2 Bear Hug Cleans and 9 Bear Hug Squats. You continue building the Bear Hug Clean up to 10 and the Bear Hug Squats go down to 1 repetition. The key is to use as little rest as possible as well as a heavier Ultimate Sandbag. 

Why these two DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills? 

The Bear Hug Clean allows people to work from a deep hip hinge position as well as using heavier loads. Yet, because of the shorter distance the Ultimate Sandbag travels, the risk of injury is very low. 

The Bear Hug Squat not just works an awesome squat position, but builds a super strong upper back and core as well. 

When you get done with this workout you might say you hate me pretty badly too! However, your results will probably feel so good! 

Aim for 1-2 rounds. Recommended weights?

Ladies between a 60-80 pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag (if no Burly available, 60 pound Strength)

Men between a 120-140 pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag

Get to work and get results!