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If You Love Thrusters Add THIS Exercise!

sandbag workouts

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We are so happy to see SO many people using the training information for their home workouts right now. One post in particular that got a lot of play was our one about how thrusters are such a powerful way to train whether at the gym or at home (you can read it HERE). In fact, DVRT master and university strength coach has been sharing some awesome challenges with thrusters…

Scroll through this series to see some of great ideas by Joel!

Of course, it is even better is that so many people have been sharing their version of thrusters to help people get excited about training with limited equipment but getting maximal results!

Strength coach, Martin Adame is not to be out done!

home workouts
We love seeing people’s home gyms based around DVRT!

For those that are wondering, thrusters are typically a squat and press, but as we show, the concepts can be taken to many different levels! However, one thing that people sometimes overlook is that if we always want balance in our training. If we push, we want to pull, if we squat or lunge we still also want to hip hinge. How do we build balance in thrusters though?

Danny Csiszar gives us more great thrusters!

The answer is in our hip hinges and bent rows! Yes, just as we can manipulate thrusters through changing our direction, holding position of load, etc. we can also do that to our deadlifts and rows.

DVRT Master, Cory Cripe teases a few options we have available to balance our thrusters with lower and upper body pulling drills. 

Physical Therapist, Jessica Bento, helps us show how we have way more options on deadlifts and bent rows than most ever think about!

One of the most overlooked aspects of our Ultimate Sandbag is how we create better one arm rows as you can see in me using the outside flaps to create a thick grip for better core training. You can apply the same principles on these rows!


Love seeing coaches like Ryan Miskiman show how much versatility we have available in our home workouts if we think about good training principles.

When you apply these principles of DVRT to also the different gripping options we have the potential to create powerful workouts is almost endless!

Cory Cripe shows how we can start putting together some really impressive workouts that are minimal on time and equipment, but maximal on results!

We really hope that posts like this not only give you ideas of how to train smarter now at home, but also carry over to when you go to the gym too! Good training concepts should carry over to whatever environment you workout in to create the success we all want to achieve.



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