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Increased Your Flexibility in Seconds!

All In The Hips-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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It is one of the best times of the year for sports. You have the football season in full effect. Basketball season is starting to gear up, the World Series is getting good, not a bad year to be a sports fan.

I must admit, I don’t get to watch a lot of the games though. Family, work, and finally getting the opportunity to get outside (no longer 110 degrees here!), are but a few reasons why I don’t get a lot of sports fan time.

Like most, I get my ESPN Sportscenter highlights to catch up on all the good stuff. Jessica says it is so bad that she starts humming the Sportscenter theme song as she starts making her coffee!

Of course by just watching the highlights you see the big plays, these dramatic moments and grand performances. If you begin to watch what all these athletes have in common is to make the extremely difficult look easy. Their grace, their smoothness, their athleticism makes us sometimes underestimate how difficult their actions.

Even Happy Gilmore knows this training secret! 

You might not be a sports fan, but if you watch any athletic event, ballet, cirque de soleil, figure skating, you see the same amazing movement that let’s face it, most of us WISH we had just a little of in ourselves.

It actually isn’t a secret, what these amazing individuals do is not only build the ability to move, but do so with amazing levels of strength. Many times people focus on just how much raw power they can create, but the reality is the only way they can do such fantastic things is they also posses incredible control.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete or performer to start building qualities yourself. A SMART fitness program helps one build these qualities. That is why in our DVRT Resiliency program, DVRT coach, Gin Gavran, shares some really simple ideas of how to do this no matter your fitness level.

Of course, if we are going down this road we might as well focus on big “bang for our buck” areas of the body. It would be hard to argue no bigger problem area for people than the hips! Seems like bad moving and weak hips impact EVERYTHING! Backs, shoulders, and even knees. Hips stop us from being powerful and doing athletic activities. So sounds like a good place to start right?

That is why one of the most underrated DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training movements that can go a long way in helping our hip mobility is the Front Loaded Good Morning. This DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercise combines hip and core work all at one time!

Different than many other hip drills, the DVRT Front Loaded Good Morning places a lot of emphasis on our core and upper back strength as well. We can see where weaknesses lie and build tremendous athletic strength with the Front Loaded Good Morning.

Even better though, Gin shows us how we can sophisticate the DVRT Front Loaded Good Morning to create an awesome stability and mobility exercise. Within a few repetitions of using her DVRT Resiliency exercises in today’s training video you can see huge improvements in your hip strength and movement.

It is kinda the biggest secret in fitness that shouldn’t be a secret. If we move better, if we feel better, guess what? We are going to be more apt to be more consistent, train harder, and get the results we really want to see!

Check out today’s DVRT Resiliency drill and add it to your arsenal! Check out more DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs HERE