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Is Heel Elevated Squats Wrong?

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There are times I see trends in the industry and I am honestly confused to why they have become popular. A good example is everyone wanting to use heel elevated squats in what seems to be a trend that occurred overnight. You have to understand, I’ve been in this industry for over 25 years now. That means I have seen A LOT of trends not only come and go, but get recycled as well. I can tell you that it was less than 5 years ago that heel elevated squats would have been largely BASHED by our industry. Did some new research come out that explained why they are now good, or have we maybe missed the point completely?

heels elevated squats

I feel very fortunate enough to discuss ideas like heel elevated squats with renown coaches like Robert Dos Remedios. Someone who has trained literally thousands of athletes in his over 30 years of strength and conditioning. We sat down to really break down what is happening on heel elevated squats, why do people use them, and are they missing the bigger picture of what people need to achieve in order to be strong and healthy?

Find out in Coach Dos’ great Podcast HERE

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heels elevated squats