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Is It Possible To Be An Online Trainer?

It would be soooo much easier to simply say that having an online fitness business is easy. That if you want to do online training you do these 3-5 things and then BOOM, you are making more money than you could ever imagine. Then, of course, there would be that one additional sales pitch of “if you sign-up for my new how to be an online trainer and make 10 figures program” (yes, I am of course exaggerating numbers here but I also fully expect to see them in a few more years;) that would benefit us way more than it would you!

Telling you what you want to hear is much easier and profitable, but it doesn’t help YOU live a better life

That is because there is largely no secret to building an online fitness business. Yes, we all know that showing scantly clad bodies does sell to some degree, but not sure if that builds clients and people you can positively impact. Instead, if like any business you followed some principles (yes, an online business is still a business) you could make a good go at it. Can you make 6 or 7 figures? I don’t really know, it depends on a lot of factors, however, the biggest is how much of a solution are you going to be for those that you are reaching out for online?

It would be great if making money online was THIS easy!

Nothing in any business is fast and nothing in business doesn’t take work, those are all myths that are great to sell people upon but they don’t help you at the end of the day. That is why Jessica sat down with me as we cover some of the issues you will want to consider when you are building your online business and what are some common mistakes you will want to avoid. People will have varying success putting forth effort of being an online trainer, but it depends on factors such as…

-What is your goal?

-How good is your plan?

-Who are you targeting and can you really help them?

-Can you build a relationship with your audience?

-Are you willing to do the work that it takes because there is real work involved!

and more.

I hope you will really check out today’s post because at the very least it can save you lots of money in not falling into the trap of false promises or riches that aren’t nearly as easy to come by as many will make it appear. We also would love to do a part 2 to today’s discussion and if you want to ask your own questions we are happy to make them part of that part 2 so you can either drop them in our DVRT Fitness Facebook group HERE or you can email us them at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com. Giving real answers to your questions is something that we look forward to doing and helping people have real success.

This week is the official release of our DVRT Elite Fitness Business e-course where you can learn the real concepts and principles of having a successful business in one of the most challenging industries. With practical, well founded, and highly accessible ideas from people that have done it for 20 years is going to point you in the right direction and allow you to have an immediate impact to your business. We are offering 30% off this week which will take this course to under $40 because we want people to really see that they can have a successful fitness business. Use code “elite” HERE this week only!

Listen to the audio HERE