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Is Online Training For Real?

sandbag exercise equipment

As physical therapist, Jessica Bento and I continue our sit down Saturday discussions, we wanted to bring up a topic that is pretty popular right now which is online training. We wanted to break down the realities of online training, setting up realistic expectations, and how can you without a million person following find some success with this model. However, we are going to also break down where people are being fed a lot of misleading ideas about what online training can be. Check out these videos below…


Action Steps:

-Who is your audience (be as specific as possible)?

-Are you actually someone that has the ability to offer some expertise and unique insights into this population?

-When you use social media, your posts should always have some connection to this market.

-Do you have a website, a newsletter capture system, and do you have a means to drive traffic there?

-What will you give someone for providing their email or phone number to you (make it of value)?

-Do you have offers other than just online training? (smaller products can be a great intro for many people and may not be as daunting for people just finding you)

-Are you using real world avenues like speaking engagements, do you speak to people in your community who are interested in this topic?

These are just some of MANY things you can do, so start small and schedule time with yourself to make sure you take action. Sometimes the secret to success is simply someone who follows through on all their tasks.


Here is our great interview with Alwyn Cosgrove about the business of fitness. Check it out HERE

We definitely don’t want you to be too bummed out, so I did a second video on some real practical things you can start doing to put yourself in a position so you can see what online training has to offer. The reality is, just like anything else, it is going to take work. If you can’t do the work, then it will be difficult to be as successful as you may hope to be in this type of platform. There is simply no substitution, not just for hard work, but smart work. So, please check out this video as well, we have NO sales pitch with all of this, we just want to help people filter out a lot of the misinformation surrounding this topic. Plus, you can always email us at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com. If you enjoyed these types of videos please let us know and we will definitely do more!