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Is Our Fitness Building Athleticism

functional training

When it came to releasing our final installments of our L.I.F.T. certification, it made sense to bring in someone who has such a unique and high level of understanding of subjects like programming and locomotion. It made sense that if we were going to discuss some of these issue there is almost no one better than Lee Taft.

I met Lee in the very early 2000’s while being a part of the Ryan Lee program. For those that don’t know, Ryan basically was one of the first people to explain how to use the internet for coaches that wanted to spread their message. People like Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle, and many others were part of Ryan’s group. It is because of Ryan’s program that I met someone who I would continue to respect on the highest levels in Lee Taft.


Lee is an amazing speed coach, but while that is what he is known for he does so much more. It was in speaking with Lee that I really fell in love with his message. Both of us have strong backgrounds in physical education, but not the physical education you think about those terrible gym classes.

When it comes to developing functional fitness, Lee’s ideas are so much more holistic, systematic, and truly build better real world performance. You can imagine why I wanted to share his brilliance with our DVRT community.

Don’t miss this great interview HERE and check out Lee’s site HERE.

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