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Is Passive Income A TOTAL Lie?!

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It was around 2003 and I admit, I was getting pretty frustrated by the fitness industry. I was working A LOT (like 12-14 hour days were a pretty regular thing), yet, I was making barely enough money to survive. It was getting to a point where I was seriously considering leaving the fitness industry because I couldn’t see myself working this pace and enjoying a life outside of it. There is often a reason we don’t see a lot of 50 year old fitness professionals!

To be honest, I don’t remember how I found him, but there was a fitness pro named Ryan Lee who was doing something BRAND NEW! He was teaching fitness pros how to make money online and develop a “passive income”. The internet was pretty new so none of us really knew how to use it to our benefit and definitely nothing about making money from it. Ryan’s sales pitch was a “six figure business”, at that time, six figures was a dream for most of us and funny to see people of course now promoting seven figure businesses (of course lies for the most part and you just have to up things when six figures sounds common place).

In his defense, Ryan was very legit and started the career of being more well known and making more money to A LOT of “big name” fitness professionals. However, that wasn’t because Ryan had a secret that would allow you to make money while you slept. There was actually work, like quiet a bit of it to just get going. Work that you weren’t getting paid for and work you didn’t know if you would get the return that you would want from it in the first place.

People nowadays don’t tell you that type of thing. They make the idea of passive income sound like it requires no effort and happens immediately, the reality is it couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a saying that goes something like, “the only truly passive income is in the real estate and stock market.” Such a saying actually has a lot of truth to it.

Does that mean you should give up on your fitness professional dreams? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! What Jessica and I want to do is tell people the truth to set realistic expectations and to know what you are getting yourself into in the first place. A fitness professional should look to expand where they can make money because just training can be limiting and very high stress. So, what can you do to generate more revenue without killing yourself?

No sales pitch here, Jess and I break down the truth of passive income and how you REALLY should be looking at it!

You can listen to JUST the audio HERE

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