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Is There A Perfect Diet For Health?

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A few weeks ago I was so happy to bring on a long time friend and mentor, Dr. Mark Force. I wanted to expand what people get from our DVRT community and his background of being a health professional for 40 years didn’t disappoint! (you can check it out HERE if you missed it)

perfect diet

I enjoyed having Dr. Force share with our community so much I asked him back. Not just to talk about more good principles of health, but probably THE topic that always gets people’s attention….NUTRITION! To be honest, I seen so many “perfect diet” approaches over my almost 30 years in fitness that when someone claims THEY have the answer I tend to roll my eyes. That isn’t just based off personal opinion and experience, but the simple fact that MANY people misrepresent what we know about nutrition.

That is why I wanted to have someone who was a true expert join us and dispel so many myths around the perfect diet claims and provide information around ideas such as…

-Is focusing on meat truly the goal of a healthy diet?

-What is the closest eating program we have to being the perfect diet?

-Why is following most diet plans that are promoted for fat loss, health, and more ultimately problematic?

-What fitness based nutritional plans actually can create more harm than good?

-What do we really need to help reduce inflammation, increase our energy, and resilience?

And so much more!

I learned so much during this interview I know you will have many “ah-ha” moments as well. You probably will ultimately be shocked at the down to earth approach that Dr. Force has, but why it is based on so much science. Hope you will make time to check out the interview below, you can watch our interview or listen to the audio!

Check out the audio HERE

You can contact Dr. Force at: info@theelementsofhealth.com