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Is THIS Exercise Just Cool or The Best?!

Is THIS Cool Exercise Worth It? -DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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It happens a lot, especially with the internet. Something looks REALLY cool, you try it, and well, it ends up being a complete mess!!! You tell a few “experts” and they tell you “don’t bother, just stick with the basics.”

Interestingly enough this is both good and bad advice at the same time. On one hand, gaining proficiency in foundational exercises is important. Becoming REALLY good at the foundations teaches you principles of good movement. After all, Daniel LaRusso didn’t unleash the “Crane Kick” until he mastered standing on the post on the beach.

I bring up this cheesy 80’s movie reference to demonstrate an important point. If you were to listen to most fitness pros, just balancing on the boat, or beach post is where your training should stop. However, in fact, it serves as the basis for more and more advanced movements.

“foundations” probably are a better way to think of our drills as they serve as the basis to progress to more advanced movements. 

That is how we see a lot of our drills in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Recently, DVRT Master, Amanda Thebe and DVRT certified coach, Annmarie Licatese had a little showdown online. They both were working on building proficiency in our MAX Lunge Clean to Fists.

I like to think this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drill both looks and IS cool. It teaches us to create power, accelerate, decelerate from unique angles and positions along with resisting rotation, building eccentric knee strength, okay, a few good things, right? We get stability, power, and conditioning all at once.

The mistake many would make is not having spent time working on the foundations. Yea, the MAX Lunge Clean to Fist may seem really complex but it is just a combination of the MAX Lunge and Clean to Fists. Not rocket science, but you would be surprised how many people leap from simple progressions and never experience the success they should.

Every DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is simply built upon one another. So, we don’t get into novel, crazy, internet exercises, and we don’t recommend “just sticking with the basics.” The big difference with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is the system that takes you step by step through more complex exercises.

Make sure to watch today’s training video to see how simple it can be to build up to great exercises like our MAX Lunge Clean to Fist and see if you can keep up with these powerful ladies.