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Is THIS The Best Gym?

It has changed EVERYTHING! 

The garage gym has completely revolutionized how fitness is performed, accessed, and enjoyed.

It is actually somewhat ironic in fact. More and more, some of the best fitness professionals I know are doing just the same, working out at home! To me this is exciting because this means that fitness is becoming more and more accessible to everyone.

The type of gym I first trained in!

The type of gym I first trained in!

There was a time where you couldn’t imagine really getting results without dragging yourself to the gym and spending hours in an buys gym oooozing unproductive equipment. In fact, this very idea probably has deterred some well meaning fitness aspirations. However, that excuse is quickly leaving us!


In many ways training at home I believe makes you smarter! Why? Chances are you aren’t going to have rows of weights and machines of every sort. Instead you think about your body, how it moves, how to stress it outside of always just going heavier, and how you can get faster results with less “stuff”.

fitness sandbag

Much of what my home gym looks like and can go with me anywhere!

The truth is most fitness facilities just look like larger garage gyms! Now, this does actually mean you have to know what you are doing. A good fitness pro though is like a great painter. With one paint brush we can make some pretty incredible things come to life!

I admit, I have a few paintbrushes, some kettlebells, suspension trainers, ropes, and of course our Ultimate Sandbags. About 80% of my workout is Ultimate Sandbag Training. I don’t need to actually use them right? No one knows what I do in my garage! For all anyone knows I am doing a ton of barbell squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts. I am doing hundreds of reps of kettlebell swings, so many I can’t even count that high!

I could do all this and no one would be the wiser, but I am not! I am not using our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training because I THINK it might be better, I know it is! We keep getting emails like this all the time….

“I love your program and I’ve been using the DVRT system for over a year now. After years of suffering with shoulder and knee pain i no longer have pain at all because of your wonderful program!” -Darius Bell

“Thanks Josh for the Ultimate Sandbag and all the different workout programs. I love it. You have changed my way of thinking about exercising and functional strength. I have become stronger and have had less knee/back pain since starting your program. I just recently completed The Goruck Challenge, which is an endurance event lasting 11hrs, covering 18 miles carrying a 40lb backpack….I’m convinced your program got me through this because it strengthened my core and stabilizer muscles and got me used to lifting these objects with proper form. I am a firm believer in the Ultimate Sandbag and will continue to follow your program and grow ! Thanks again.”– Matt

fitness sandbag

What if your fitness could allow you to be free in how much and where you could do the best training.

You see the right tools are great, but knowing what to do with them makes them awesome! That is why when people ask me how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is different from barbells, kettlebells, and other form of training I say, “in every way!”

I am not being a smart guy, rather trying to explain how it is the system, the program, the way we use and think of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training that makes all the difference! That is why we aren’t selling “sandbags”, we are trying to provide you solutions!

Being able to transform your home into an elite gym I think is pretty freaking cool! You don’t have to do the same exercise over and over, you don’t need a million machines, you don’t even need to stuff your garage to the brim.

The best gyms I have seen are the ones that produce some pretty incredible results, not because they have equipment you don’t! Rather, because they understand how to use the tools to the highest level. Yea, you gotta think a little, you don’t need a PhD, but you have to be mindful of your training.

fitness sandbagOne of the biggest mistakes people make is they see an exercise, where we see a movement. People see something like a deadlift with a barbell and think, “ok, I can deadlift a kettlebel, heck, even an Ultimate Sandbag, but if I really want to get strong, I need that barbell.” The deadlift is simply what we call a hip hinge. Where the pelvis rotates forward so we load our hamstrings and glutes. That means we can hip hinge a whole lot of ways!

Getting stuck on one particular style actually makes your body dumber. Think about playing outside as a kid. You do all types of things, climb on all sorts of objects, jump on all types of surfaces. Without you knowing it, this is actually making your body smarter! One of the biggest reasons we feel so awkward as we get older is that we stop moving, playing, and exploring our world.

I know it probably isn’t realistic to have you go “play”, but your garage can be your play ground. Our goal with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that your workouts are like your play time. We explore how many different ways to move and without knowing it you are becoming stronger, more fit, and mobile than you knew before.

We believe so highly in this type of training we want you to transform your favorite place into an elite gym! That is why for the next 48 hours we are going to give you a special deal. We are going to give you an extra 10% on our discounted Starter Ultimate Sandbag Packages! Yes, a whopping 25% off! Use coupon code “garage” HERE NOW

Go for one of our Athlete or Ultimate Sandbag Training Gym combos and not onlyfitness sandbag will you get that additional 15% off, but free access to our 19 day training program! Yes, you will learn how to best optimize your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training in a complete program! A savings of over $100! Use coupon code “homegym” HERE NOW

I want you to experience what so many people keep telling us about their success, we want to remove the excuses and get you the results! Help us revolutionize how people see and use fitness!

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