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The Best Ultimate Sandbag Exercises?

sandbag exercises

It can be tough, seriously, even many top fitness professionals have a hard time figuring it out. What is so challenging? Identifying the best programs and exercises to help people achieve their goals! It is easy when things can be black and white, but what is true in so many other areas of our lives, fitness is full of gray areas. Yes, even when we are talking about the world of Ultimate Sandbag exercises!

To help illustrate this point I wanted to break down important difference and advantages of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises compared to other popular fitness methods. One in particular is the wrong parallels people often make of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises and other exercises or techniques. I get it though, when something is new it is normal to try to relate to something familiar.

Ultimate Sandbag Exercises Compared to the Rest? 

A perfect example is the Kettlebell swing. I can’t tell you how many times we have been setting up to teach DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises at a conference and someone comes innocently by and starts swinging the USB. What’s wrong with that you ask? Something that seems like it may be very possible, actually poses two big problems in the fitness industry. The most important is not understanding the differences in even Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Exercises are Different

One reason that so many people are so hesitant to accept new ideas is that never take the time to really understand the differences that new concepts present. People often think DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises are just another way to squat, lunge, press, row, etc. Yes, we perform those drills but it is the purpose and different application of the USB that allows us to get such great results and justify implementing these new ideas.

The Kettlebell, like DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises, took quite a bit of time to become accepted in fitness. Even today I hear people thinking the Kettlebell is a fad dumbbell. However, anyone that has performed Kettlebell exercises like the swing realize that there are some unique benefits in using the Kettlebell over the dumbbell, especially for the swing. So why not use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises for the same thing?

The USB doesn’t allow for the swing to be enhanced by its use. The swing that the Kettlebell provides is simply the highest form of the exercise. That fluid movement is what gives such power in both the acceleration and deceleration phases of the swing making it an effective exercise. The structure of the USB gives almost a rebound effect which decreases the value of both the projection and strong deceleration that occurs during the swing.

Even National Level Weightlifter, Wil Fleming, understands the 3-D strength building of these types of Ultimate Sandbag exercises that are the swing equivalent. 

Does That Mean Ultimate Sandbag Exercises aren’t As Versatile?

At first glance it may appear that I am saying that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises lack the versatility that I often talk about, but that is not the case. I believe that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises allows us to perform an exercise that is safer and even better than the swing, the High Pull.

For those familiar with Olympic lifting, you may know that you can perform the High Pull with the barbell and heck, with a lot of implements. They are correct, but there are two reasons that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises is a better choice.

Just as the USB does not move well for swings, it does move very well for drills like High Pulls. In fact, because the distance from the handle to the middle of the weight in the USB is so great, I would argue people end up spending more time accelerating than they would with any other tool. This is important because it makes lighter weights feel much heavier. Add in the reality the weight of the USB is slightly shifting all the time, you have a very unique exercise, but that is not it!

The other reason DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises work better than other tools is because of the different planes of motion and positions we can perform this exercise. We can easily develop over 30 variations and combinations of the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises which allows us to create great progressions and target specific fitness goals.

Being someone that has spent over a decade teaching the kettlebell swing to a variety of people, I can attest to the fact that teaching the all important “hip hinge” that makes the swing so great is not easy! In fact, combining the long lever arm that the kettlebell swing creates along with high forces, can be less than an optimal exercise for some people. Even supporters of the kettlebell swing like Dr. Stuart McGill have found that the exercise can aggravate the low back of some individuals.

Why I love the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises like the High Pull is because the long lever arm is no longer, making it easier for people to learn that hip hinge during a very fast motion. Unlike many other exercises, the swing and High Pull can only be performed at one speed, fast! Therefore, it makes sense, in order to introduce people to fast movements, let’s make it as progressive as possible. Decreasing the lever arm is an important factor.

That doesn’t mean that the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises is a lesser exercise. Just like the swing, the High Pull requires a fast eccentric (downward phase) to make sure the weight doesn’t yank on the low back. When you combine these factors with the variations that can be created, you have a very powerful exercise and overall movement. However, there is one more important benefit that the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises has over the swing!

What is often a hot debate for many kettlebell coaches is do you teach the swing or the kettlebell high pull first? The reason is that the motion of the swing doesn’t carry over to most other kettlebell movements. The High Pull though is relevant to many other kettlebells lifts. That is why I think that the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises such as the High Pull is even better! The High Pull with the USB will teach you how to Clean and Snatch better which are two lifts that people sometimes struggle to learn. So instead of getting frustrated with trying to learn one specific lift. We can continue to train hard using the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training High Pull in all sorts of way and keep building for more advanced moves.

I hope you enjoy these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises and try them for timed sets, power sets, or a complex that gets you in incredible shape while building to future fitness goals!

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