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It Is A LOT Like Pizza | Ultimate Sandbag Training

It is a lot like pizza-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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How in the world is pizza fitting into a post about fitness? After speaking at the recent NSCA regional conference in Vancouver, something hit me. Many people don’t know what is truly keeping them from obtaining their fitness goals! Um, okay, but what about pizza?

11582864-pizza-delivery-man-on-a-white-background-vectorJessica and I are pretty sure that pizza is our absolute favorite food. I think we could possibly live off it pretty easily. However, for obvious reasons, we rarely get to actually eat it. So when we do we want to make sure it is really worth it!

Getting a bad pizza experience sounds impossible. Just like working out, I mean, pizza is pizza and as long as your are working out isn’t that the important thing? I use to think that, until we took a trip to a little place called Italy.

During our trip to Italy we had the most amazing food, in particular a pizza on a small island. This pizza was insane! Not only was every bite like the best food experience ever, but I noticed something else after.

I have a pretty significant intolerance to gluten and dairy. My face flakes up, I get swollen in the abdominal area, and overall feel quite crappy. In the past, besides pizza just not being conducive to my fitness goals, it was a pretty harsh self-inflicted experience physically.

This pizza was different, the only thing I can think of was the quality of the ingredients as why I didn’t get my typical reaction. I was prepared, the food was so good that I would have said it was worth it, but my typical issues with pizza never came.

Easily the best pizza we've ever had!

Easily the best pizza we’ve ever had!

I didn’t realize that my real issue with pizza wasn’t dairy or gluten, but the quality of these ingredients. Between the taste and lack of discomfort afterwards, I began to really appreciate that all pizza is NOT the same. In fact, I think this one experience ruined Jessica and I on pizza forever.

Yes, we on the rare occasion have pizza, but it is never even close to the same. Now we know what super high quality pizza takes like. That is a lot like fitness!

When I speak to a lot of fitness professionals about our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system they typically look a bit confused at first. Why? In all honesty I think they never had really awesome ingredients or the experience that was transformational.

It would be much easier if I toed the line of just agreeing with what everyone else in fitness is doing, but I can’t, I had that Italian pizza and I can’t go back! In my mind our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training program is just like that amazing day on that Italian island. Both the actual training experience and the results are unlike anything I have experienced,  I’d rather go against the grain and be “the trouble maker” in order to have more people have the same result and feelings.

I realize, as I tell you about my pizza experience you can’t really taste it. You have to believe me it is that good, but hopefully more important you can feel my true passion for it! That is the same thing I hope you do with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

best fitness sandbag

Sharing our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system at this weekend’s Vancouver NSCA conference

Those that area already using our program know about the truths that I speak about, but for those that may be reading with a skeptic eye, you’ve never had that pizza. I know doing something different may seem crazy, radical, and overall controversial, but that is not why we do it. The root of our wanting to shout from the roof tops about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has far more to do about a true belief that this is a powerful as we continue to share.

However, the only way to REALLY know is to have a piece yourself. That is why we give you 30 days of no risk. 30 days to sit down and eat our pizza and experience what I know will transform how you see fitness. Why wait, what is there to lose, you don’t want to think about if I am wrong. We have a system built in just in case you don’t think I am being honest with you. What you do have to think about is if I am right? Can you really afford to miss out on something like that experience I had in Italy?

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