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Why The King of Ultimate Sandbag Exercises Still Done Wrong!

As much as I say we don’t have our favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises, we kinda do! I often say this about our Ultimate Sandbag exercises because in fitness we still see an exercise as a singular entity.

For example, there is no doubt that of our all our Ultimate Sandbag exercises, the MAX Lunge is near the top! Not just because it is REALLY challenging, but because of how good it is towards build true functional and 3-D fitness.

However, sometimes people would see our very early posts about the MAX lunge like this one we did with Jessica almost a decade ago and just want to do the exercise. Admittedly, we were still pretty young too in developing our Ultimate Sandbag exercises into a system, but we learned an early lesson about the internet. Whatever you show, people are going to try to do!

ultimate sandbag exercises

I was reminded of this when I met a coach at a conference. She told me she loved our ideas of Ultimate Sandbag exercises, but she just could NOT do the MAX Lunge because her clients’ knees hurt too badly. When I asked her if she had done the progressions first, she looked at my confused and said, “the what?!”

Really, I don’t blame her but how our industry teaches people to perform exercises and not layers of movement. That is why DVRT is confusing to people at first because any of our Ultimate Sandbag exercises leads to another. There is no “finish line” and we think that is pretty cool!

So, the obvious question is, “if MAX Lunges are made up of many Ultimate Sandbag exercises, which one do I start with and how do I build up?”

Great question and you will see from the video below that we start by teaching people the foundations of the movement, not the exercise. How to lunge well, engage the right muscles, and how/when to create proper tension.

Great, we have a starting point, but where do we go with these Ultimate Sandbag exercises? DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, helps discuss one of my favorite and most overlooked DVRT drill….Up Downs!

We can start building the MAX Lunge, but we have other tools at our disposal. Those would be speed and range of motion. Since the toughest part of many of our advanced Ultimate Sandbag exercises is the coming down part, DVRT Master, Raymond Lee has a solution to how to bridge that gap to getting your MAX Lunge!

Once you are there and you have used load, played with different sizes of Ultimate Sandbags and so forth. You are ready to see if you can keep up with the likes of Coach Dos who knows how to develop serious power in one of the very best Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

ultimate sandbag exercises

There is  reason that even a world renowned strength coach like Coach Dos, calls the MAX Lunge one of the most powerful exercises out there! Very few movements can replicate its power to build stability, strength, endurance, reaction, power, and 3-D fitness. You can read more coach cues and why this is definitely one of our favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises HERE

If you want to learn the REAL power of DVRT check out our special on our online educational programs HERE or attend a continuing education workshop that we have all over the country HERE