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Knee & Low Back Issues Are MOST Connected To THIS!

sandbag training

Knee and low back issues can kill a well meaning fitness program fast! People want to have both strong glutes and core. We know foot stability is key in having a healthy body, hip mobility allows us to move better and perform better. Why am I telling you things you know all too well?

Even though these are common goals, people often keep chasing them trying to find novel methods and exercises to achieve them. The reality is that understanding what is happening our bodies and how we accomplish all these goals goes to understanding what makes us uniquely human…locomotion.

Yea, yea, I know, you don’t go to the gym to go “beast mode” on your locomotion and what muscle does training locomotion even work? Well, if you understand how to look at the most important human movement pattern you will see that it can serve as the best screen, the best indicator of our functional movement, it can give us feedback upon our glute and core strength, and so much more!

You don’t need a PhD in biomechanics to learn a lot of these methods or use them. Physical therapist, Jessica Bento joined me to break down some of the biggest keys and below I show some of the best exercises you can start using to make the concepts come to life.

Check out the audio interview HERE

Scroll down to check out some great exercise examples of how we train gait in smarter ways to enhance the effect we create in building stronger and healthier knees and low backs. Don’t miss 25% ALL throughout DVRT HERE! This includes Physical Therapist, Jessica Bento’s DVRT Rx Gait Course HERE with code “dvrt25”