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Learn NOT To Move!

Learn NOT To Move!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

It might sound crazy coming from us!!! 

Aren’t we the group that is always trying to get you to move better?!

Yup, part of that is actually learning where to not move! REAL strength is not about just using brute force, but also knowing how to control your body. What makes gymnasts and martial artists so incredible is not the weights they can lift, but the control over their body to resist excessive motion. 

That’s right! Great athleticism is about being able to resist forces acting upon your body and how to keep your posture. It isn’t as sexy as bragging about your personal best lift that day, but guess what? Learning this important principle will make you stronger in all areas so much faster. In fact, if you can gain the type of strength that can both improve what you can lift and what you can resist you will see a whole new type of functional strength develop. 

That is what today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout is all about. Learning NOT to move will not only unleash some important aspects of your strength, but will allow you to set the foundation for some pretty incredible drills that will make you just as strong out of the gym as in it!!