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Like Eating Your Vegetables!

Like Eating Your Vegetables-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Nothing and I mean NOTHING derails a fitness program like injuries!

Chances are if you have trained for any period of time in your life, you know what I mean.

It doesn’t have to be something tragic like a knee surgery, even something as simple as an achy back, bothersome shoulder, and yes, that sensitive knee can make working out seem like the biggest task!

I should know!

Having had two more severe injuries in my back and shoulders, I avoided fitness for a good period time in my life. After competing hard in swimming for years, my body finally gave out. Once it did, the LAST thing I really wanted to do was to workout.

It wasn’t till I saw that making my body healthier meant I could also make myself more fit, was I interested in working out again. In many popular fitness circles, the word “corrective” exercise is used quite a bit. However, being a physical therapist, I know that unless exercise is somewhat interesting and fun, the likelihood of actually doing them is pretty low!

That is why corrective exercise is like eating beets. For me, I can’t even take the smell of them, but I know they are terrific for me. Whether it is beets or some other food like them, you know that there are exercises that are great for you, but the mere thought of them makes you not want to workout!

The thing is that corrective exercise doesn’t have to be this terribly boring vegetable you are trying to swallow!

How so? See how DVRT Master Mitch Hauschildt breaks down one of the very best core drill that is also going to improve how you move! Mitch isn’t your typical coach, he is also the Prevention, Rehab, & Physical Performance Coordinator at Missouri State University.

So, when Mitch talks about moving better, performing better, and doing so all within the scope of a fun training program, we should listen.

When you see how many of these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training correctives can be easily implemented into any part of your workout, you will find no reason that you can’t use them! The best part? They are challenging enough where you won’t feel like you are performing the same old boring “rehabish” type of exercises that most of us dread. Yes, even us that know how good they are!

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