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Made to Move Workout


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The holidays are in full swing and that means even more important to keep your eye on your fitness goals. It is easy this time of year to rationalize not training, getting off your plan, and losing sight of something you were striving for almost all year long!

That is why we are going to continue to give you simple, powerful, challenging, and fun DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts to keep you inspired. Making this a “move it Monday” is a perfect theme for today’s workout. 

DVRT Master, James Newman, continues to show what DVRT Strong really means and why these workouts work so well. There are a lot of slap the head moments that make us realize what our training could be! 

Let’s look at today’s workout and how James put a great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training spin on the norm.

Dead Stop Max Lunges: Looks cool, but what are we really getting out of this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drill? A Dead Stop Max Lunge is different than some of the other versions you have seen from us. By going to dead stop we remove elastic energy and we start forming an exercise a lot like something else. What? 


What other drill starts from the ground, in hip flexion, and goes to extend the hips? Yea, how about that deadlift! So, what is so much better about using the Dead Stop Max Lunge? We also get the following….

-Multi-planar strength: Strength in all planes, not just one. 

-Cross Patterning: Teaching the body to move in a more natural way.

-Lift/Chop: Which therapists have used to teach proper core activation. 

-More Hips: By having this vertical torso alignment we get less loading on the low back and more actually through the hips which are the muscles we REALLy want to hit.

-Single Leg Based: While both legs are active, we are getting more of a push through the front leg which also activates more glute medius which is really the muscle that helps us be more injury resistant. 

That is a lot for one exercise right? Well, that is what we want in great functional training right? Efficient and effective exercises. That takes us to exercise number two!

Tall Kneeling Overhead Presses: Moving to a more compromised position like tall kneeling makes an exercise more challenging. Taking away much of the influence of the lower leg makes it harder to maintain the natural chains of the body. This forces more of your core and hips to HOPEFULLY work harder. I say hopefully because you have to more conscious about integrating these areas of your body to maintain proper alignment and posture. 


This is a key progression to the overhead press because it shows once again how body position can alter the perceived load during an exercise. It isn’t just about making something lighter or heavier, but the impact that moving to these different positions has to the overall body. 

Shoveling: This great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise definitely falls into the category of both super cool and highly underrated. It has many of the components of a kettlebell swing, but works in the transverse plane. That means we are taking the movement of a kettlebell swing to the next level. Like integrating more muscles, using more planes makes an exercise more intense. 

Shoveling quickly teaches you the importance of bracing through the trunk, pulling against the handles to activate the upper body, and how to catch the weight with your hips. The motion of the load is just another example of really great things that can be subtle. We have the lift/chop, we have the cross patterning, we have hip mobility, in other words, we have a TON of great stuff going on. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.53.48 PM.png

These are all reasons that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts don’t have to possess a ton of different exercises because they are just so incredibly efficient. If you don’t believe me you can try to keep up with James here with his 70 pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag and see if you don’t find the DVRT difference to be a real thing!