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Making the Most of With What You Got


By Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner
DVRT Master Chief Instructor, Senior RKC, OS Instructor & MFF Force of Nature

ultimate sandbag training

One of the things I love about the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training System is that it removes the need for excuses. You only have one Ultimate Sandbag? We got you. The Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System provides us with the ability to challenge ourselves at any level by using different principles of progressive overload (aka making s**t harder). It’s time to make the most with what I got.

Kim and I just moved into a new place a few weeks ago and all of my gear isn’t set up yet. What I do have is a 25 pound Power Ultimate Sandbag and the DVRT smarts to make my life difficult.

What the hell am I talking about? Renowned strength coach and Purposeful Primitive author Marty Gallagher has a great saying, “we make the light things heavy, so the heavy things are light.” That statement jives amazingly well with one of our approaches to progressive overload: SPEED. You can make something very light feel very heavy by simply adjusting your speed/tempo.

Another way we can make something light feel heavy is by adding complexity. Adding different levels of complexity can make a relatively basic movement way more taxing on the body.

On a personal note, I love playing with speed and complexity for two reasons.

You directly challenge your weak links within a certain movement. Please keep in mind that these challenges need to be winnable. It is all too easy to jump the shark by making a movement too difficult. Form is key!

While we still use our normal tension/bracing techniques, you can really tap into your reflexive strength and fire up your stabilizers. These are key elements that crossover in both DVRT and Original Strength.

Ok, time to put this into practice. Here’s how I made my life tough with only a 25 pound USB.

A. Elevator Squats with Press Outs x5
You will pause several times mid squat and do a press out. You can make this even more difficult by adding more stops on the elevator and moving slower.

B. Lateral USB Drag to Push-up x5 drags per side/10 total push-ups
Adjust speed of the drag based on the surface you are pulling on. Keep the USB on the floor. Don’t lift and move. Drag it!

C. USB Deadbug Variation x5 per leg
Press the USB up while pulling the outer handles apart. Slowly lower the USB overhead while lowering one leg at a time. Be sure to lower the USB overhead within a safe range for your shoulders and keep your tailbone off the floor.

You can try this for 10-15 minutes and see how many rounds you get, or you can just go for 3-5 rounds moving nice and slow. See which one takes longer?

There you have it. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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Later folks!

Thanks for your time!


Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner’s superhero headquarters is Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. Fury’s a DVRT Master Chief Instructor, Senior RKC, and an Orginal Strength. He is available for classes, semi-privates, instructor training and programming at MFF. He also has availability for private training at Catalyst S.P.O.R.T. Check out www.coachfury.comfacebook.com/coachfury IG @furynyc and Twitter @coachfury for more info.