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Making The Very Best in Functional Fitness Workouts

Making The Very Best in Functional Fitness Workouts-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training 


Isn’t it hard? I mean, really difficult to change? I think it is the hardest thing a person can ask themselves to do. 

For myself, there have been numerous times where I had times of great change. I’ve had to ask myself “is this working?”, “is this how I want my life to go?”

Whether it was personal or professional issues, change can be really stinkin’ difficult. I know from not having gone through the process myself, but asking so many others to do the same. 

Whenever we run one of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training educational programs I realize I am asking A LOT from people. I am asking them to be open-minded and many times asking them to change how they see something that have done a certain way for a long time. 

I remember a good friend admitting to me it took him about two years to buy into the effectiveness of the Bear Hug Squat. As he simply said, “I just thought something so simple couldn’t work as well as you were showing, but guess what? It does!” 

sandbag bear hug squat


We often get set in our ways, for the most part people don’t like to appear different either. Especially nowadays with the influence of social media it can be scary to think and do things differently. People you don’t even know can quickly judge you and tell you that you are stupid without a moments hesitation. 

Heck, I still see people write in our posts questioning that this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training stuff can’t work as well as we say! Well, the only way you can really tell is if you do it for yourself! It takes little courage to make judgements on others, it takes a lot of courage to try something different. 

Yet, I feel lucky, because we have never done things to just be different. Rather, it has always been a mission to do things better!

Trust me, it has been a journey for myself as well. Whether it was living on corrective exercises my first few years, or going into Olympic lifting and Strongman some time later. Each stage of my development has stemmed from looking to do things better. I remember quite vividly a client saying to me early in my career as soon as I thought I found the holy grail of training in corrective exercise, “Josh, I like what we use to do way better.” 

Now, I don’t cave just because some one doesn’t like one thing we do (just ask Jessica!). What her comment made me do is sit back and really evaluate was I doing what was best for her or for myself. I mean, I had invested a lot into some of these programs and they just weren’t yielding the results that had been promised. It can be hard to chalk something like that up to a learning experience and move on, but that is actually what I had to do. Find something better. 

When I was Olympic lifting and doing Strongman I thought NOW I had hit the holy grail. EVERYONE did a form of both these types of training and then I began asking myself the very same question that haunted me years before. Was I doing what was best for the people that had entrusted me with their health, or was I doing what was easily accepted? As I looked at the results my clients were getting, again, the idea of doing better popped in my head. 

It has been the same thing with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. I always tell people it isn’t a sandbag program because the goal of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is to constantly find better. Whether that is a progression to a movement, programming, or teaching cue. What I love about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that it is an organic program that keeps developing and evolving because the simple goal is to “keep getting better!” 

I can’t make people use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, I don’t want to either. I think there is a point in each person’s journey where they want better. Whether that means feeling, performing, or looking better. When a person reaches that stage then I think they are open to doing something different or you must accept you are the living definition of insanity!

Take a simple step, try today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout and see if you have that same moment of knowing what you could be doing could be that much better!