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Making Ultimate Sandbag Easy in Three Exercises

The Three Exercise Total Body Workout-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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As I right this I am on a plane flying back from the third annual Nor-Cal Fitness Summit. It is always tremendously exciting for me to present our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training program to new people and see the light bulbs go off. I often spend the time after these programs though reflecting. Could I have presented the material better? Did they get out of it what I wanted?

After all, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is a completely new beast for so many people. New concepts, new principles, just an overall new way of thinking about fitness. Let’s face it, we any of us get overwhelmed it can be an opportunity to just revert back to what we are comfortable with. That is the LAST feeling I want you or others to have about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

sandbag fitness

So in speaking with another presenter, I was talking about what I want people to walk away with, what is most important? If it is anything it is being aware and start using four concepts.

-Body Position
-Holding Position
-Stability of the Implement
-Plane of Motion

Okay, so not a small feat, but it doesn’t have to be very complicated. It may seem a lot to some because it is new. That is why I wanted to offer you a workout that easily represents all these concepts so you can really see that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is not meant to be overwhelming, but honestly, very empowering.

We are going to look at three DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises that work the body from head to toe and still use these four concepts.

-Staggered Squat to Press

-Rear Step Deadlift Row

-Around the World

Let’s look at each one individually and you will see how easy DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can be to program.

Staggered Squat to Press

ultimate sandbag

The staggered stance is the easiest means of introducing instability to a body position. This incremental change to a very familiar movement gives all types of great things such as training to resist other planes of movement, a different coordination, working natural x-patterns of the body, and more! However, what you really need to know, moving the foot to the staggered stance makes the exercise just a little bit harder. Of course it will seem more profound to those that have never used these strategies, but it is how we make an exercise 5 or 10 pounds heavier without actually making the Ultimate Sandbag any heavier.

The squat to press is so awesome because we hit so many muscles of the body at once. The legs get torched from both having to help us lift the weight and balancing our body. Our core is working over time to help us from leaning and giving a strong foundation to lift the weight overhead and the upper body has to work harder to balance and unstable load. The Ultimate Sandbag in the fist position places a ton of work on the whole front side of the body, but also puts us in a much better squatting positon. In other words, you hit everything!

Rear Step Deadlift Row

ultimate sandbag

This is actually one of my favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises that I sadly think most never use. Stepping is a really important action, we do it in so many things in daily life (I don’t know, like walking or climbing stairs), yet, rarely gets trained in the gym outside some token walking lunges.

By using the rear step we can gradually increase the demands of the body position, the longer the step, the harder the exercise. Once we add stepping, we bring in other fitness qualities such as stability, coordination, balance, and yes, unique ways of looking at strength.

I love this drill because it shows us how we can take a movement (hip hinge) and do it so many ways than just the way we classically see these exercises. Great you can deadlift when your feet are even and everything balanced, but the reality is that isn’t life or sport. Learning how to not just produce force, but resist motion is one of the unspoken about concepts that will make a ton of headway in the very near future!

Around the World

You may have seen this drill from us before, but man, so many miss the key points that make it a beautiful drill. We are working through a plane of motion (transverse) that most people never really spend any time or effort in focusing upon. We provide mobility/flexibility to the upper body. There is reactive core training for the trunk, and we get to teach the important foot movement in the lower body that may be one of the most important yet, under taught, movement concepts.

You see planking is great, but learning how much trunk tension to develop and when is the ultimate goal in core training. Nothing and I mean NOTHING does it better than the DVRT Around the World. The beauty of the Around the World is we can make it harder by going faster (which by the way doesn’t mean technique changes), we increase weight, or we can use the same weight and use just a different size of Ultimate Sandbag.

This becomes a fantastic drill on so many levels that it has to be a must for your training.

Without knowing it we just created a simple workout that actually uses all the concepts I mentioned above. If you understand the principles of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training then you can take any of our exercises and see how it applies. What becomes awesome is how you have an amazing amount of purposeful variety and have so many more levels to take your fitness. That means more fun training and ultimately fantastic results. Enough talk, now do this workout!

Try the DVRT Three Step Workout:

3-5 Rounds

30 Seconds Between Movements 

Staggered Squat and Press: 6 reps per side

Rear Step Deadlift Rows: 8 per side

Around the Worlds: 10 per side

Repeat as circuit 

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