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Making Your More Resilient with Ultimate Sandbag Training

sandbag training

Ultimate Sandbag Training has no shortage of really tough exercises or workouts that make your lungs feel like they may pop out. However, is being really tough always a good thing? Having been in the fitness industry for about twenty years now, I don’t think of just challenging workouts and exercises, but what are common mistakes people make during their training. Being able to anticipate obstacles keeps people making progress and not jumping from one program to another.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t achieve their goals is because they get injured! Yep, that tough workout seemed like a good idea, but then before we know it, there is that shoulder that is aching, knee that is throbbing, or low back that is nagging! That is why I say Ultimate Sandbag Training isn’t just about breaking you down, but making people more resilient as well!

ultimate sandbag training

Yes! Ultimate Sandbag Training can actually be used for corrective exercises as well. Wait, what? I know, “corrective exercise” can almost be thrown into the same buzz word genre as “core training”, “functional fitness”, oh you know them! I’ll admit it, I went through my fair share of these corrective exercise programs, all the way back since 1998!

I can’t say I have seen all of them, but I have seen quite a few. While they make a lot of sense in theory and on paper, something about practicality always escaped me. You see, it was easy for me to see if corrective exercise programs worked, because of the severity of low back at the time I began. What motivated me to learn about corrective exercise is the exact issues I talked about at the beginning. In fact, my low back was so bad, I had a very hard time sitting through my first corrective exercise course.

ultimate sandbag training

Even I wouldn’t understand the full impact of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training till year later!

That was the measure in which I examined and thought of corrective exercise, did I fell any better? The sad truth was the answer was usually no! That is why I was so shocked to see that in the early days of Ultimate Sandbag Training there was such a positive impact upon my resiliency to injury. It wasn’t the Ultimate Sandbag itself that caused the change, not at all!

In order to understand why, we need to really understand what is “corrective exercise”.

“It seems that recently the term corrective exercise has been very popular amongst fitness professionals, I can not remember when the term started to come about but it seems like it is everywhere now. Before there was corrective exercise there was therapeutic exercise, or at least that is what we called it when I was going to school. The ultimate goal of a therapeutic exercise program was the achievement of an optimal level of symptom-free movement during basic to complex physical activities. In order to develop therapeutic exercise programs that culminate in  positive and meaningful functional outcomes for patients and clients, one must understand the relationship between physical function and disability. 

Why should fat loss people care about corrective or therapeutic exercise? Because optimal function is not based solely on ones ability to loose weight or burn calories. Optimal function is based on several different aspects: Stability, Neuromuscular Control, mobility and flexibility, cardio pulmonary endurance, muscle performance and balance/postural equilibrium. All of these things effects ones ability to loose weight and look great. Without addressing all the aspects of physical function with corrective and or therapeutic exercise, one might never meet their true fat lose goals, or even give up prior to meeting their goals since they are not addressing all aspects of their function.” –Physical Therapist, Jessica Bento

Back to Ultimate Sandbag Training!

Let’s look at a couple of key points and how Ultimate Sandbag Training can really help!
-”symptom-free movement during basic to complex physical activities”: Yes! This is exactly why Ultimate Sandbag Training is not simply a cop out to “back to the basics” rather a progressive series of foundational movements with continuing elements of complexity. This comes in different levels of stability, positions, holding, and planes of motion. Ultimate Sandbag Training is far more than some squats, cleans, and presses.
-”functional outcomes”: Most people don’t have much more of a goal other than really vague ones of “getting stronger” or “more fit”. In Ultimate Sandbag Training, each movement has a purpose beyond the meaningless terms like those above. The meaning of Ultimate Sandbag movements comes from the goal of the individual. How we use a specific Ultimate Sandbag Training holding pattern, speed, body position, etc. all goes into determining the “RIGHT” outcome.
-”Stability, Neuromuscular Control, mobility and flexibility, cardio pulmonary endurance, muscle performance and balance/postural equilibrium” Ok, this is the part that I tell you that Ultimate Sandbag Training can do all of this and of course you roll your eyes a bit. However, after almost eight years of showing Ultimate Sandbag Training programs, progressions, and workouts, you would think that we may start to see how all this comes together in a very unique program we call Dynamic Variable Resistance Training.

Amazing what we can achieve when we put simple DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts into practice!

When it comes down to it, Ultimate Sandbag Training provides so much more that just a tough workout. If you follow our DVRT programs, you will find Ultimate Sandbag Training to deliver on the promises in which we keep promising. Most of all, you can actually achieve the results we see in Ultimate Sandbag Training. Corrective exercise doesn’t have to be some foreign or boring form of training that you know you SHOULD do and avoid, rather, make Ultimate Sandbag Training a part of a comprehensive fitness program.
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