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Metabolic Monday Workout

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Troy Anderson (Alpha Kettlebell)

Today’s WOD comes out of the essence of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Moreover, how many true craftsmen/women are involved in the DVRT ‘Movement’. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is worldwide, yet still VERY hometown.

There are excellent Master Instructors tucked in to obscure niches and big cities alike. Most of the really good ones are NOT shouting from the roof tops or spamming people on flakebook they are out there….DOING WORK! 

 Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.08.22 AM.png

Training people…Using a system of movement to create something, someone, or just make themselves into better humans. 

This system is so….Simple, sooooo, common. That is so subtle in the prototypical fitness quest for COOL, new, or interesting…..

Often leaves the BEST in pile in the corner of the gym as another neat tool…..

Only to be brushed off every so often.

Today’s Ultimate Sandbag Training WOD involves everything that is DVRT, the system, the philosophy of training.

It shares how coaches thousands of miles apart can collaborate and change how each other think and develop. In this instance Raymond Lee (S. Korea) shot a simple video of some excellent DVRT to content.

In this video I expand that content into one version of what his concept meant to me.

We did all of this unknowingly or intentionally… it just happened organically.

We did this all within the structure of the system…. everything fits. There was no need to be the ‘tries too hard guy’ that is so often the norm in the ‘look what I invented’ fitness world. 

Raymond shows a Sprinter Stance Clean to Fist + Forward Stepping Lunge + Lunge Thrust

Nice series of movement

Here’s my interpretation 

Today I give you the Everybody Loves Raymond WOD 

80 yds at Your Pleasure 

1 Light Ultimate Sandbag: Women 30 pound Power Ultimate Sandbag/Men 50 pound Strength

1 Medium Ultimate Sandbag: Women 40 pound Strength Ultimate Sandbag/ Men 60 pound Strength

Alternating Light Ultimate Sandbag Training Sprinter Stance Clean to Fist + Same Side Forward Stepping Lunge Thruster x 20 yds 

Alternating Heavy USB Sprinter Stance Clean to Fist + Same Side Forward Stepping Lunge Thruster x 20 yds 


Heavy USB Clean to Fist x 1

Heavy USB Forward Stepping Lunge Thruster x 2 for 20 yds 

Light USB Clean to Fist x 1

Light USB Forward Stepping Lunge Thruster x 2 for 20 yds

PS – The layers of progression and accounting for fatigue development are there, you just have to see them