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Modern Gladiator Workout

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I don’t often get to be lazy and do nothing, but after week after week of work, taking Sunday easy wasn’t a bad thing. What is better to do when you are feeling like doing nothing than catching up on movies you have seen on a few hundred times?:) Two great ones “300” and “Troy” definitely filled my macho movie watching. 


As I watched each one though something struck me. Neither Brad Pitt nor Gerald Butler (the leads in both movies) were created as these hulking guys that simply overpowered the enemy with superhero type of strength. Rather they were deadly because of their agility, speed, quickness, and yes, strength. In fact, you gotta love one of the early scenes in Troy where Brad Pitt defeats a much larger opponent with those very qualities. 


Now, while I know we can question the historical accuracy of any of these movies, that’s not the point. What I found so interesting is that the idea of a great warrior wasn’t necessarily the imposing individual that many of us grew up with action stars in Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and many others. Rather, the idea of a real warrior was someone who possessed far more than great strength, but amazing movement skills as well! 


They didn’t just move up and down and they didn’t just try to over power you. It many ways it reminded me a lot of what we try to teach in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Not just to move well, but to do so in a highly skilled manner. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training teaches you quickness, reactive strength, and agility while you never knew it.


To be honest, that is why some of the “strong” guys hate doing it! They love it when they can just move up and down, when they can just rely on brute strength. Good luck with that, even our modern gladiators in sports like MMA, American Football, wrestling, boxing, and others know that “speed kills”. 


Try to achieve as many rounds in 20 minutes as possible (Clean and Press x 10, Around the Worlds x 15 each side, Rotational Press Outs x 15 each side, MAX Lunge x 12 each side)

Being a warrior in the modern world isn’t so different than what we see throughout history. The ability to move with grace, confidence, and speed are qualities that make you a true warrior!