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Monday Movement Workout

This past weekend I had the great honor of presenting at the National Strength & Conditioning Association Nevada State Clinic (mouthful right?) For those not familiar, the NSCA is one of the higher level organizations in our industry. So, having the opportunity to present was super cool! One of the ideas I wanted to really convey was all my mistakes, the things I did wrong, and trying to save coaches, trainers, and their clients from the same things I wish I had known. 


A bunch of PhD’s and me, I like to be around really smart people;)


Of course this just wasn’t theory, but I used science to back up one BIG idea! If I could go back in time and talk to a younger Josh I would have told to him to learn how to move better before he got so into how much weight he lifted. Of course younger Josh probably wouldn’t have listened to just train movement, heck, that doesn’t sound so cool. 


However, if I told the younger me that if he followed the principles and programs we show in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, he will actually be stronger, won’t suffer some terribly painful injuries, and keep that athleticism that he always wished he was a better at. 


DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts like this one by DVRT Master, James Newman of Quest Fitness, would have been something so better if I knew to do so!


Would that have worked? I like to think as much as a younger me was just like any other young guy, I would hope that seeing the great workouts that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training does allow you to do would have inspired a more open mind. 


After all, it is hard to do things that don’t come easily to you, things that are humbling, but I’ve always been motivated by such things. I guess it is a lot like the glass is half empty or half full philosophy. When you struggle with something you have a choice. You can see it as frustrating, maddening, and an overall negative. 


The other way is to think of it as an opportunity, a chance to break plateaus, reach whole new levels in your training you may have not really known possible. Sure, this side takes more effort, it takes more of an open mind, but man, what a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you do!


If I could tell the younger me anything, it would be to look at strength a combination of movement, grace, agility, and force. Real strength isn’t ONE of these things, but all of these things. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts like today’s show you just how!