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More Than Sandbag Carries

sandbag training

Social media is not often my favorite thing, I do think it is a necessary thing. It can be a powerful tool in helping connect and educate people. To be honest, social media is something I often like to do research upon to see what people are thinking. After all, my real goal is to talk with people, not at them. I noticed that “sandbag training” is still new in many regards for people as it comes to having a true purpose with the training. So much so that I found that “sandbag carries” was one of the more popular terms used.

Don’t get me wrong, we do Ultimate Sandbag carries quite a bit (you can see a bit how HERE), but they aren’t the cornerstone to our training like many would believe. Not because they aren’t useful, but they are a small component of our entire DVRT system.

Sadly, I see sandbag carries as the only purpose many can see for these great tools. The reality is we start with the why before the what. This is a concept popularized by author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek. Mr. Sinek points out that any great leader, organization, or business is different because they start with the why, then move to the how, and end with the what. Many times in fitness we go the OPPOSITE way and end up with pretty weak why’s.

We don’t use Ultimate Sandbags and then try to figure out why. I began to use our Ultimate Sandbags as a solution for clients in my facility that I just couldn’t find another answer for in achieving their goals. As time went on I found just how many ways we could connect the body and train true functional fitness through how we would progress and use our Ultimate Sandbag progressions. Some of these ideas will help you understand why even though we use Ultimate Sandbag carries, they are just part of a much bigger picture of DVRT.

The major benefit of performing Ultimate Sandbag carries is that they acknowledge the fact that real life movement doesn’t happen just up and down. That our body is designed for walking, running, climbing, and far more than  what we do in the gym most of the time.

Where DVRT really is different than most other fitness programs is we continually have that concept in our “why”. So our progressions are based upon how to continually build toward real life movements. What you see in the video above is how these Ultimate Sandbag and kettlebell drills really emphasize the kinetic chains of our body. How we are actually designed to function!

I want people to see a whole bigger world that is possible to not just use “sandbags” but improve the way we move and perform in life! Our “why” is at the very heart of everything we do in DVRT!

If you want to learn more about how our “why’s” are inspiring so many in the fitness industry to think differently, check out our upcoming DVRT live courses HERE or save 25% on our DVRT online course HERE

sandbag training