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Movement Strength Training is the Future of Fitness!

sandbag training

Whenever we do something new at DVRT I always want to really make the “why’s” as obvious as possible. Our goal with DVRT is not to get you to do just different types of strength training, or new “cool” exercises. Rather, my major goal with DVRT is to provide education in understanding why training in the way we show will give you a BETTER result!

That is why when we released DVRT Master, Cory Cripe’s new Movement Strength training program, I wanted to make sure you understood what made it really special. Hearing it from Cory himself I think makes so much more sense and when you hear his journey, you sill see this is more than “just another workout” to him and us!

Q: Cory can you explain how your idea of Movement Strength Training differs not just from bodybuilding, but Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, even CrossFit? These are all types of lifting that promise to make people strong and fit. 

A: I know it seems like I pick on bodybuilding a lot, how it must sound like bodybuilding is the exact opposite of Movement Strong. But what about the other strength & conditioning disciplines? I argue that all these other ways of strength training only focus on strength and generating force in one plane of motion – the sagittal plane.

This is where Movement Strength training separates itself from other forms of training. I like to focus on not only creating force and becoming strong in one plane of motion, but also the ability to resist forces from other planes of motion. And that is why flow movements using The Ultimate Sandbag is such a vital component of movement strength. All the movement you see in these flow exercises, but how we don’t appreciate how graceful the body moves while at the same time resisting forces from other angles trying to throw the body of its intended path of movement. And that’s what moving in life is all about!

Q: For a lot of people who think they are training functionally what are some of the biggest things they are missing in their training? 

A: This is so easy for me to answer because I thought I was “high & mighty” when it came to functional training, but there was an element I didn’t even consider that now has made all the difference: my feet! I never considered the intent of the exercises I did in the past, only the task, meaning I was about gripping & ripping and getting through the exercises.

Let’s take, for example, a popular hinge exercise – the deadlift. It was an exercise I did in the past as part of my functional routine and it is one I continue doing in my Movement Strength training currently. It’s funny how the same exercise has taken on a whole different meaning all because I focus on my feet now. What a different engagement I experience by not focusing on the task of lifting the load off the floor, but actually the intent on pushing against the ground to cause a chain reaction through the body that finally expresses itself with the load being lifted.

So whenever my feet are on the floor whether I’m standing or kneeling, in a sprinter stance or moving to the side – my feet are plugged hard into the floor to help give my body those connections I missed out on in the past!

sandbag workouts

Q: When people think of functional based training there are still a lot that believe they won’t be building muscle or losing fat in the process. That functional based programs are kinda the “vegetables” of the fitness dinner table. Is this true?

A: Here’s the deal and I’m going to steal this from Gray Cook … the amount of females that reach for the pink dumbbells to do their strength training, but yet leave with their 30+ pound purses. There is quite a disconnect with this type of training and real life strength needs.

And then there is me. I’m no fitness model and I don’t pride myself on being the most physically fit, that’s DVRT Master Instructor, Evan Supanich … 😉 However, I’m 6’2” and 220 pounds, not necessarily the wimpy kid, and my training is based around functional training!

The secret to my sauce, HIIT training. But not just any kind of High Intensity Interval Training – HIIRT training, High Intensity Interval Resistance Training, better known as MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training). Using this proven, science-based training in my programming at a very high level of intensity while earning the necessary amount of recovery between sets has made all the difference in my strength gains!

I will say honestly that this is the strongest I have ever been with the best muscle tone and I have not been “pumping iron.” Don’t take it from me, the clients I train at Fitness Lying Down are benefiting from this authentic approach to functional training, unlocking real world strength they’ve never felt before!

Q: People often think that fitness has to be really complicated to be great too, or leave you laying buried on the ground. How do you think Movement Strength takes complex concepts and makes them very accessible and how does it balance challenge with being smart?

A: These same people are the ones chasing sexy exercises because of the cool factor and not putting in the work to master the fundamentals. KISS – keep it simple, stoopid! You will see these flows and hear me talk functional training and, for good reason, believe it’s too complicated for you.

BUT I break down these flows for you and have you not only understand, but master the basic DVRT exercises and build you into the next progression when it will finally come to a point where it only makes sense to go through these flows! We are a culture of short cuts and cutting corners, but with me and going through these DVRT exercises it’s all about earning your progressions, not moving forward until you are certain you can – it’s the only recipe for success!

Simple and smart doesn’t need to be easy and dull. Trust me!

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