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Muscle Monday Workout

Monday Muscle DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout

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This weekend was pretty awesome!

I got the incredible experience to teach our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout program in Russia. To see our vision of helping fitness professionals gaining concepts and strategies that can give their clients an edge is pretty exciting. Being able to watch it grow worldwide is something I had hoped but never really knew if it could happen,.

A great visit with our hosts M Fitness!

With some awesome support we have been able to take great strides.

However, that is not the reason I wrote today’s blog.

There was a moment, I had to smile to myself. A quite largely built Russian trainer asked me, “does this build muscle?” Yea, he sorta of like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Heat!

I asked how he felt during our workout, he admitted he was tired, but did that mean he was building muscle?

My explanation to him was that the fatigue he was feeling was not just cardio or neurological. His whole body had to work hard to perform all the movements we used and by training the whole body at once we got such a more efficient workout than the standard fitness program.

Okay, but can’t we do full body workouts with a lot of different pieces of equipment?

Yes, yet, I have yet to see anything that has the impact on the body that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training creates.

We were just 15 minutes in and you could see it in their eyes, the posture, the red color.

I had not just put them through some crazy cardio program, but they were experiencing the unique aspects of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. The influence of body and holding position, the power of an implement that is never the same twice!

I think he knew the answer, he just wanted to hear me say it!

Does this mean you are going to get into “Ahrnold” shape (deliberate misspelling as I was aiming for that Austrian accent;)? Probably not, but that isn’t what I aimed DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

I wanted to think back to the athletes of old. Those that wrestled, performed gymnastics, and yes, weight trained.

Does this mean you will be disappointed? I don’t know, when I think the body of a gymnast, a wrestler, I don’t usually think of a poor physique, you?

I wanted DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to be more about athleticism than just big muscles

Listen, if you want results like the pictures I am sharing with you it doesn’t come from just picking up an Ultimate Sandbag here and there.


You have to use it and use it consistently.

There are no excuses.

Time, variety, fun, you name it we can give it to you, but only if you try.

There was a Russian woman in our class who just displayed incredible grace, flexibility, and strength. I think most women would be upset with the figure she displayed. She asked me how long a workout with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training should last? I told her with honest effort? 20-30 minutes.

With sweat pouring off of her onto the wooden gym floor, she simply said, “good, I don’t think I could do much more!”

It isn’t about how long you workout, but the intent and effort you put into your training.

We gave you the resources like so many HERE, but it is up to YOU to use them.

How about starting the week off right with some Monday Muscle?!!