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My Favorite Workout

My Favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout

If you don’t have it, you should!

That go to workout when you feel like not thinking. When you don’t know exactly what you want to be doing. When you feel pressure to “squeeze” your workout in while you can!

sandbag workout

Rotational Lunge is one of my favorite drills for the “on the minute”!

Mine HAS to be “on the minute” Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. I tried sharing this idea some time ago, but some found it quite confusing. It is actually a pretty simple complex, but new to some.

The idea allows a ton of options, but when I am in a squeeze, I keep it short and to the point!

Set a timer in a descending mode (easier to visually follow the count) at 10-15 minutes to short Ultimate Sandbag workout programs or 20-25 for longer ones. You need to pick full body exercises that hit a lot at once! I usually will select repetitions of 5-10 depending upon the movement. How many should you do?

If you are left with less than 20 seconds of rest, typically you are going too heavy or doing too many reps. So, how do you do it?

Setting Up Your Ultimate Sandbag Workout On the Minute

Let’s look at a short Ultimate Sandbag workout I did just yesterday. I used Rotational Lunges and Clean and Presses. I wanted to go heavier on both so I did six repetitions of both movement that gave me around 35-25 seconds of rest each time. 

sandbag workout

there are many Ultimate Sandbag drills that can be used!

Looking at this in real time, I set my timer to 15 minutes and began the countdown. I performed six Rotational Lunges per side and immediately checked the clock! It said 14:27. That means I had 27 seconds left until I performed six repetition of Clean and Presses. Once the clock hit 14 minutes I was onto the Clean and Presses, I finished my first set when the clock said 13:35. Whew, I was now able to have 35 seconds of rest.

I would go back and forth until time went down. If I was on my Ultimate Sandbag workout program, I got better rest. If I became tired for a few sets I would be punished with less rest! Guess what? You want to be on your game for each set so you can earn that rest!

You can do this with a few exercises as I show in the video above. You can extend the time or do the same number of exercises. However, I generally find that shorter series do better with less exercises and longer ones with more exercises.

These DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs are perfect for anyone because they are self-regulating. They let you know when your weights are too much or too low. These Ultimate Sandbag workout programs also allow you to progress rather than just beat your body up. It lets you know when you need to do a bit less or when you can push your limits!

Try either of these Ultimate Sandbag workout programs and see how you will have no excuses to miss a killer workout. Let us know your favorites or post the video HERE

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