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New Era of Functional Fitness

sandbag exercises

Cory Cripe, DVRT Master (Creator DVRT Movement Strength)

I had to make this workout!

I don’t just owe it to you, but I owe it to myself to create a workout for you. And not just any workout, all those workouts are out there for you and easy to get a hold of. No, I needed to create a workout that goes against the norms of fitness as usual.

The overall feel in the fitness industry is we’re a calorie burning business. And it doesn’t matter how you move to burn the almighty calorie just as long as you’re body is in motion! And to burn more calories, you have to do “more.” So more obviously has to be better, right? This is where I like to interject the ever popular {{FACE PALM}} More isn’t better, better is better!

People seek out our modest gym, Fitness Lying Down, because they’re looking for better answers in their fitness journey than what they’re being fed by pop culture fitness: more reps, faster exercises, etc. Unfortunately, many have been let down by this mentality with extreme soreness, exhaustion, or injury. This is not what physical fitness is about!

I see it every day, in fact, it is what makes our gym feel so special to me. The fact that we can help people look better but more importantly we can make them feel so much better. Being able to help people transform not just their jean sizes, but how they feel day in and day out is what I believe functional fitness should be all about.

When people say that functional fitness is about training for life, that is the essence of what our goals are when we train. That doesn’t mean off the wall exercises, or boring same old, same old. Rather, taking DVRT principles and concepts to create more dynamic, fun, and effective workouts.

Functional fitness should be first and foremost about moving better and becoming stronger, calories being burned is only a byproduct of what’s actually happening. If your sites are set properly and you avoid putting the cart before the horse, you will not only see the improvements you’re looking for, but you’ll experience them in a sustainable manner. Entering a session focused on training to become a better, more efficient mover will be the path to ongoing success!

So when I created this program I had EVERYONE in mind. Beginners that need a place to start, intermediates who are looking to break through plateaus, and advanced that need to hone in their skill and polish up their movement language. Just like anyone learning a new skill, things are done at a slower pace. Why? The brain needs to connect with the body and vice versa to become movement literate.

We are made to move fluidly and our training should replicate that. To move more like the lion and less like the tin man should be a goal we strive for and to do that, we need to train with thoughtfulness and purpose. So,

Think with your whole body,
move with your whole mind.
-Erwan Le corre

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