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New Innovations in Functional Fitness

Even after 12 years of doing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training people ask me the worst question!

“How can I sell a product like you?!”

While this may seem like a very sensible question, the problem stems from the intent. I NEVER went into the process of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training thinking of selling something. Seriously, you can see it about how organically we grew over the years. However, we did want to do something!

That was help people get better results and truly optimize functional fitness. Having an educational program like DVRT in our arsenal is what makes our program MOST different!

That is how we came not only up with the Ultimate Sandbag, but our Core Strap and NOW something very cool! Our goal has ALWAYS to make great functional fitness more accessible to more people. It has also been to make a few pieces of equipment feel like the best gym you could ever have! Yes, that is how we came up with our latest creation the ARES (adaptable resistance exercise sled)!

Sure, a resistance sled itself is nothing new, but we didn’t want to do just ANOTHER sled. We wanted to build you the best functional fitness gym that could go anywhere you do! With just possibly two pieces of equipment you could have the best, most fun, versatile, and easy to transport gym ever!

I can say all this because we designed the ARES to allow so much more than just the pushing and dragging that most people do with sleds. We wanted to redefine how one thought of outdoor, sled, and functional fitness training.

What you can do now is train your whole body the way it was designed to move in so many different ways! You can train movement like you REALLY want and it is so easy to make it progressive and fun!

What is the ARES? It is a specially engineered sled that allows you to put your Ultimate Sandbag, kettlebell, or even weight plates and do endless variations of movements. However, we love the idea of Ultimate Sandbags or kettlebells because then your weights can also become part of your workout. Easy to put on and off the options for your workouts become endless!

Ideal for turf, carpet, rubber, or even grass surfaces (sorry no asphalt!), you have such a great opportunity to increasing what functional fitness means to you! We do have a VERY limited number though so if you want to grab one and save 20% go HERE and use coupon code “save20” while supplies last!