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No Apology Workout

No Apologies At All


When life turns itself upside down you learn A LOT! I know many of you have followed our challenge with Josh’s month in the hospital, maybe too much:) That in itself would definitely have me a bit of crazy. Then as some of you know we adopted a deaf rescue puppy to join our other rescue loves. Ok, a bit crazier. 


During this whole time though I have been really trying to get stuff for all you awesome DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training fans. Let me tell you, there is a lot of cool stuff coming! However, I am not 100% sure which way is up right now. 


What we have coming is so exciting on so many levels all over the world thanks to our DVRT instructors!


When that happens in life I tend to really economize. All the little things that I can add to my day, you know the little procrastinations, moments of “goofing off” (gotta get my House Hunters at lunch!), seem to magically disappear as well. Things tend to get hyper focused and all I have time for is making sure everything that NEEDS to be done, DOES get done. 


You know that dropping off fitness would be easy. Trust me, it has been a challenge at times. However, because I so dearly believe and use our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, I don’t feel like that has been the ONE issue to concern myself with! 


Why? I see it all the time, people post things like, “hey, just want to show you I use other stuff than “x” in my workouts.” When people say that I think they are apologizing for really not being as efficient and focused as they should. In fact, Josh is often surprised after 8 years that when he asks me if I want to add anything but DVRTUltimate Sandbag Training to my workouts, I really say no. 


We are pretty realistic, it isn’t ALL about results, it is also about enjoying fitness. Doesn’t using the same tool keep you from doing that?! The reality is that I never feel like I have mastered or reached even CLOSE to what is possible with real functional movement. Every time I add just the smallest layer to my workout it feels like something so new. To me, that is exciting. 


I read what you do and honestly, I don’t get it. Feeling powerful, like I can move better than most half my age is so much more motivating than just standing in place trying to convince myself this rep won’t make me as stiff as the last. 


In fact, I thought it would be fun to make a little chart demonstrating why you will never hear me apologize for not making DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training about 100% of what I do. 

Implement Can Move 360 Degrees Can Be Stable or Unstable Can Develop Flexibility & Strength Number of Ways Held Approximate Average Cost Per Pound (100 pounds or more)
Ultimate Sandbag x x x 12 $1.06
Barbell       3 $2.37
Dumbbell     x 4 $2.40
Kettlebell     x 4 $1.40

I know you probably won’t be like me in maybe having the love that we do for DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. However, if thinking in such ways can help a few of you going through your own challenges I hope it makes you not lose focus on the positiveness of fitness. I told Josh that no matter what happens in the future I’ll always try to help people see the many forgotten or even unknown benefits of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training because fitness is suppose to bring so many positives to our lives. Let’s not make apologies for the things that make us feel, perform, and look great!