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Now Something You Can Use! | Get-up Variations

Now Something You Will Actually Use-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Get-up Variations

That was the very funny comment that came from Steve Maxwell in a conference about seven years ago. Steve and three other kettlebell coaches were asked to come on stage to demonstrate some “extreme” kettlebell moves. The host trying to make it an entertaining event had these coaches “battle” to see who was the most extreme. After a couple of rounds of impressive athleticism, one did a move that made the crowds’ jaw drop!

Not missing a beat, Steve Maxwell turned to the audience and said, “now something you can actually use with your clients.” That statement has stuck with me seven years later.

I think what Steve said during that conference is even more important in today’s fitness landscape. There is a lot, I mean there is A LOT of “stuff” out there nowadays. Like most things, some of it’s good, some of it is bad. However, there is a lot of STUFF!

Even great fitness professionals I know get sucked into the whole mess of internet fitness, it can be very hard to tell what is actually meaningful and what is the new novel exercise of the day.

The key is knowing “why” you are doing that exercise, or that version of the exercise. It needs to be a bit deeper than just getting “stronger”, “more powerful”, or “increase stability”. These are all well meaning terms, but really don’t mean anything. They don’t tell me WHY I am doing this exercise versus anything else I could be doing.

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Get-up Variations 

The get-up may be new for some of you and a standard for others. Most believe that the get-up is only performed one way, but truthfully there are many versions of get-up. In John Jesse’s 1974 book, “Encyclopedia of Wrestling Conditioning”, he uses about three sentences to describe the exercise. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation and purpose with the get-up.

Senior DVRT instructor, Troy Anderson, expertly demonstrates Tactical Vaulting

In DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we look at the get-up as loaded mobility. Like most things, people have turned the get-up exercise into many different things, more specifically a maximal lift drill. With the focus of the get-up exercise becoming more weight based, I think we have begun to lose some great qualities of this drill.

The get-up like many of our functional training movements in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is about making connections. It can be hard to determine how getting stronger in the get-up makes us better in specific other exercises. I think the get-up is a great way to lay a foundation to get stronger for many different exercises.

However, having travelled the world teaching DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training I am surprised to meet so many fitness professionals that believe in the get-up exercise, but think it is far too complicated to teach. That is probably largely due to two issues.

The first problem with how many see the get-up is that they try to teach the entire get-up at once. While some fitness professionals are familiar with the get-up exercise, to anyone new, it can be quite overwhelming. People may see all these moving parts that have very deliberate intent and feel like their head just exploded. This can be VERY frustrating to both the student and teacher!

Doing a well performed Ultimate Sandbag Shoulder Get-up is truly unlike anything

The other reason that the get-up exercise seems to fail many fitness programs is that people think there is one way to perform the movement. One of the more unique attributes about the get-up exercise is that it allows for many variations depending upon your goal and ability level. There are only two variations that I am not fond of using. The first being anything that puts the lifter at high risk, simply not worth it! The second is compensating good movement habits for the sake of lifting more loads. That is definitely a loss of purpose.

That is why I wanted to share with you a few DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training get-up exercise variations. I wanted to show you how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training allows you to adjust the get-up exercise depending upon different goals and ability levels. These three are some of my favorite, but by no means exhaust the options. See which one you think is right for you and see how the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training get-up exercise is a very different beast that has ton of potential to improve your overall fitness!

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