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Now THIS is Strength!

Now THIS Is Strength-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

Jessica Bento, MSPT

I often wonder, would things have been different?

I was young, but things were looking like I was going to be heading to the Olympic trials in Atlanta. 

The chance to fulfill a dream, to see what I was giving my life to at the time come to fruition was all I cared about. 

However, after my shoulders and finally my back gave out, any chance of joining the women’s Olympic swim team was dashed forever. 

At the time I just didn’t understand. I had trained hard, I was ripped, I was darn strong (knocking out chin-ups was no problem then). How could this happen to me? Why would did this happen?

It would take me years to understand. Being a physical therapist we often fall into the same trap a lot of people fall prey to when it comes to strength training. A muscle tests weak, well, we better fix that muscle!

Makes sense right?

That is until you understand how the body works and really think about what the body endures during physical activity. 

What Goes Up Must Come Down

sandbag strength training

Becoming real world strong comes in many forms

I wrote an article about six weeks ago about the most important aspects of fitness and strength that the majority of people never talk about. Building strength from learning how to absorb forces coming down upon the body (you can read the article HERE)

Learning to how to absorb force is HUGE in building real world strength. As renown coach, Robert Dos Remedios, says, “how many athletes get hurt starting versus stopping?” The answer is most get hurt stopping and the same thing happens to most of us inside and outside of the gym!

That is one aspect of strength we are missing, but another is learning to resist forces acting upon our bodies. We have touted for some time that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is really different than just about everything, but maybe we’ve done a lousy job of really finding a great explanation why. 

One of the most important aspects of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is learning to resist movements either in the way we hold the Ultimate Sandbag or move with the Ultimate Sandbag. THIS type of strength combined with the ability to absorb forces is a type of strength that is hard to quantify. 

However, that is what DVRT Master, Troy Anderson’s, Torque Test (read about HERE) does so beautifully. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills like the Rotational Lunge, Around the Worlds, Arc Presses, and so many of our movement oriented drills are designed to do just that! Teach the body how to produce, absorb, and resist forces. 

sandbag exercises

This is a whole new way of looking at strength. As a physical therapist, it has been the MOST important change in the way I look at helping people recover from injury or get to another level of their performance. 

Since this forces us to look at strength differently, I think it should have its own name. I couldn’t think of a better name that Coach Anderson’s IR360. When Coach Anderson was talking about becoming impact resistant, I knew that was it! 

We want to you to be strong in not only what you lift, but what you resist! 360 degrees of being able to be strong in both lifting and resisting what we attack! 

The idea of IR360 will completely change how you see strength and fitness. From how you select your exercises to how you design specific programs. 

This epiphany makes me so happy and sad at the same time. Sad in the sense if we had access to this thought process during my competition days I truly believe I would have competed at a high level for a long time without the intense injuries I had to face. Happy that I can for the first time feel really empowered to change people’s lives! 

You can do too! Watch today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training video program for ideas of how you can use the IR360 concept to transform your fitness!

sandbag workouts

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