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On the Minute Fitness Challenge | sandbag training

The Ultimate Sandbag Training Challenge that Improves both Fitness and Strength

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On the Minute Fitness ChallengeIn my last DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training blog post, I spoke about a unique way of focusing on both strength and conditioning. After all, especially in our current culture, we want it all! It isn’t impossible if you know how to create the right types of programs. One of my favorite methods that works particularly well with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system is the idea of “on the minute” training. I realize for some, a new concept can be a bit overwhelming so I wanted to cover it again because it is such a great training method but people often miss out because it is new to them.

In today’s example I wanted to take a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training circuit that would be a great compliment to our recent Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press challenges. That is why I combined four different Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises that cover different aspects that actually make up the Clean and Press.

The Ultimate Sandbag Training “Same but Different” concept

Years ago I was introduced to the concept of “same but different” by the man that brought the modern form of kettlebells to the US, Pavel Tsastouline. At the time, Pavel was talking about improving in a certain lift or area means you do need to dedicate focus to this goal, but at the same time just pounding your head against doing the same thing over and over isn’t the best strategy. How does this relate to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and the idea “on the minute” training?

On the Minute Fitness ChallengeFirst let me give an easy example of Pavel’s concept. If I wanted to improve my mile time I could just keep trying to run the same mile over and over again. While I would see some initial improvements I would plateau just as fast. Therefore, I can still run, but maybe I would run half miles to improve my speed, or sprints with short rest intervals to improve a different type of fitness. I am still running but performing slightly different types to improve qualities that make up my overall goal of improving my mile time.

That is what we are trying to do with today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training circuit. We are looking at what makes up the Clean and Press and using exercises that will enhance those different components. Before we get into those specific exercises and how they help, let’s review the idea of “on the minute” (OTM).

Instead of just trying to perform 50 Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Presses in our training to work towards our goal of the Ultimate Sandbag Training Challenge, we can work on our fitness by smaller “chunks” of intense training being performed over and over again. The goal is that we are going to perform much fewer repetitions than our Ultimate Sandbag Training Challenge, but we are going to perform them over and over again with rather short rest intervals. The idea is that this type of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training improves both your ability to handle more weight and your endurance. So, how do we use OTM in our Ultimate Sandbag Training?

Last time I talked about using the Clean and Press and Rotational Lunge only. When we use just something like two Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises we can have the time range anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. For beginners, error on the lower side, more advanced trainees can go on the high side. You want to set the timer generally so it counts down from whatever time you are using. In today’s example, because we are using four Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises we are going to use a longer period of time because we won’t get as tired on the specific Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises. Let’s call it 20 minutes for right now.

Set your timer for 20 minutes having it count down.

On the Minute Fitness ChallengeThe first Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise is a Shoulder Lunge to Arc Press is the bottom position. We are going to perform 6-8 repetitions per side. If you are using the right weight and speed in your set you should finish with approximately 35-45 seconds elapsing. That means on the clock you will see it read 19 minutes and 15 seconds (if it took you 45 seconds to complete this Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise). That gives you 15 seconds of rest till the next exercise! When the clock reads 19 minutes left perform the next exercise.

The next Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise is a Lateral Step to Row to High Pull. Again we are going to use a series of 6-8 repetitions. At the end of this set the clock should read around 18 minutes 25 seconds (if it took you 35 seconds to perform the set). You receive 25 seconds of rest and when the clock reads 18 minutes you perform the next drill.

The third Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise is the Front Loaded Rear Steps. Because this can be done a bit faster you are going to perform 8-10 repetitions per side. Again, when you are done with the set see what the time looks like, you should be in the 17 minute time frame this round and it might read something like 17 minutes 20 seconds (if it took you 40 seconds to complete this Ultimate Sandbag Training set). Once it reads 17 minutes on your clock perform the last drill.

The last Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise is the Lateral Bag Drag. Because this is always a slowly performed drill we are going to do 4-6 repetitions per side. Upon resting for the Lateral Bag Drag you would keep repeating the process by going back to the first Ultimate Sandbag Training drill in the cycle.

How many repetitions should you perform of each Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise? Depends on how much time it takes you to complete each set. If you are finishing with 20-30 seconds of rest you are good, but you could push it to the higher level. If you are consistently finishing with less than 15 seconds of rest, decrease the number of repetitions you are performing as you will burn out too fast. Hopefully this makes more sense to you and you can try today’s workout and see how you fair!

On the Minute Fitness Challenge | sandbag training is a post from: Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness System by Josh Henkin