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On The Minute For Super Strength | sandbag fitness

Building Strength and Endurance with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Fitness Programs

In the our last DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness training post, I talked about simple ways to see if you needed to build more strength or endurance to achieve the Ultimate Sandbag fitness challenge. No how matter how you cut it, this Ultimate Sandbag fitness challenge is going to be tough. My job is to get you more prepared for the demands because the rewards are tremendous!

Most people want both! They want to be strong and in great shape, that is really at the essence of the Clean and Press Ultimate Sandbag fitness challenge. The overall goal is to give elements of strength, stability, athleticism, and conditioning. The truth is if you want greatness in either you probably have to compromise a bit on the others. Scientists like Vladimir Zatsiorsky (also former Easter European sports coach) says that great strength and endurance are impossible because of the varying demands in order to achieve them. However, I think most people aren’t looking to hit the Olympic podium for weightlifting or dominate the next New York marathon. MOST people want to feel they are capable of doing just about anything.

That is what this Ultimate Sandbag fitness challenge should make you feel. That if you are able to accomplish it and even surpass it, the amount of not only physical capabilities, but mental skyrockets!

How Do I Master the Clean and Press Ultimate Sandbag Fitness Challenge?

One of the biggest mistakes people make in improving their endurance is trying to do high reps all the time. Unfortunately most people forget that doing a 100 reps of something for example can be very extreme to the body. While it may be a fun challenge, the time to recover from such a training can be significant. This definitely makes using super high reps as a standard form of training just a bad idea. Performing such high repetition training as a staple typically means we are also drastically dropping the amount of weight we are using. That means while we can feel we are getting in better “shape”, the truth is we are largely sacrificing our strength development.

Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Lunge

We don’t have to improve our “conditioning” at the expense of strength. In 2002 I got to meet a very innovative strength coach for Wake Forest University, Ethan Reeve. Coach Reeve was getting his athletes tremendous results by not necessarily focusing on the heavy lifting of many college programs or extreme conditioning programs. He was using an idea of changing density. Basically workout density is trying to decrease the amount of total time it takes to perform the same amount of work. For many, Crossfit is a very popular form of density training.

I was intrigued by using density training for our Ultimate Sandbag fitness programs. We could build strength and endurance without a high risk of injury or dropping either quality. There are many ways you can use density training for your Ultimate Sandbag fitness workouts, but I wanted to share with you a simple idea that uses a self-regulating system.  It is called “on the minute training”. How does it work with your Ultimate Sandbag Fitness challenge? Very simple, we are going to use our good friend the Rotational Lunge to help provide a different effect and purpose.

The first step is we are going to use a total time of 20 minutes. That means in this Ultimate Sandbag fitness workout you are going to perform a total of ten sets per exercise. If you can not do the full 20 minutes then begin with 15 minutes and build up. The challenge here for your Ultimate Sandbag fitness challenge is to perform six repetitions of the Ultimate Sandbag Clean and Press and eight repetitions per side of the Rotational Lunge. You are going to start with the timer clocking down, start your Ultimate Sandbag fitness workout by performing your Clean and Press for six repetitions. If you finish with 19 minutes and 20 seconds left, you have 20 seconds of rest until you perform eight repetitions per side of your Rotational Lunge. If you finish your Rotational Lunge and the clock shows 18 minutes 30 seconds, you have 30 seconds of rest, and so on for the rest of the Ultimate Sandbag fitness workout.

No excuse not to train your Ultimate Sandbag Fitness Challenge!

How much weight do you use for this Ultimate Sandbag fitness workout? Begin with a workout that you can perform ten to twelve repetitions on the Clean and Press and 12-15 on your Rotational Lunge. If you are able to get through the full twenty minutes of this Ultimate Sandbag fitness workout and you are resting on average 25 seconds or more, you need to add more weight the next Ultimate Sandbag fitness workout. Try this workout, it is fun and incredibly effective. It only takes you twenty minutes and is one of the best Ultimate Sandbag fitness challenges you can use to build both strength and endurance!

On The Minute For Super Strength | sandbag fitness is a post from: Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness System by Josh Henkin