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One Of The Fittest Guys Ever Said What?

It DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Worth It?


Some days I wonder, why?!

Why would Jessica and I choose to run this small family owned business trying to take on the challenge of changing how people see fitness?

After all, who are we to ask so much of people?

Then it could be something small, a great workout that we created, a new exercise we think of, or an email from some of our amazing supporters like you or this guy, BJ Gaddour.

Around three years ago BJ contacted me to see if he could come by my studio to learn more about the work I was doing with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Coming from Wisconsin, going to Phoenix to met with me said a lot about BJ before we ever really ever talked.

For those of you who don’t know, BJ has the great title of being named by Men’s Health Magazine as one of the “100 Fittest Men Ever”! That is quite a title! BJ though is quite humble and is a very creative fitness pro, being both an author and coach, he knows to keep the look out on new training ideas.

Working with BJ in my studio was a great thrill, teaching is what makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training so fulfilling to me. When you see another person’s eyes light up because “they get it”, it is one of the top feelings in the world for me.

Knowing BJ though, he just didn’t get it, but ran with it. It was very cool to see how he took our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts and used his own unique creativity to do what we always hope. Make it his own, make it work for him, make it something that helps him reach his own goals.


I have to say it made my day when BJ sent me this email after he read our new DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training book….

“Josh Henkin is one of the most innovative fitness professionals that I have ever met. He has created both a tool and a training system that provides a total fitness solution, not just for athletes, but for the masses looking to burn fat, build muscle, and bulletproof their joints. In this book, you’ll not only learn progression principles that apply to Ultimate Sandbag Training, but also to every other training tool including your own bodyweight. Whether you want to exclusively use the Ultimate Sandbag or add it to your training toolbox for more variety, this book has it all. I only wish he would have published this book sooner so I could have avoided the pitfalls of barbell training as a former college football player!”-BJ Gaddour, CEO of StreamFIT.com

That is what drives us, YOU!

Those of you that take our ideas, principles, workouts, and make it work for yourself. Your life, your goals, your aspirations. I hope that our hard work in doing innovative work for you makes the relationship worth it. That is why I hope you enjoy what I worked for almost a year on, a book that wasn’t about the “how to’s”, but something that could change how you see fitness and your training goals!

Check out our new DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training book here