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I began coaching in the fitness industry in 1999, Jessica became a licensed physical therapist in 2006 (she is younger and it takes longer to be a therapist;). Both of us started our careers with a great desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. What we have done with DVRT is try to fulfill that goal in providing great education and science backed training programs. However, we also realized there was no greater ability to help people reach their goals than having more direct contact with them.

That is why we decided to offer personalized online coaching. While we realize we can’t be next to every person out there, we believed that technology allowed us a chance to be as interactive with people as possible without physically being right there with them.

This makes having professional, educated, and highly experienced coaches accessible to anyone that really has the goal of making a change in the quality of their lives. In doing so, we wanted to make sure we had a program that would fit each individual and allow you to have access to great training information that everyone deserves.

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Josh Henkin, CSCS


Josh Henkin, CSCS

Josh Henkin, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, has been actively not only coaching, but contributing to the fitness and performance industry for over 25 years. In that time Josh has established himself as an industry leader by writing over 100 articles for various publications including Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Shape, T-Nation, and over 13 fitness publications. 

Teaching has been a great passion of Josh’s as he has lectured at some of the top fitness conferences in the US. He has been a speaker at such highly regarded industry conferences such as the National Strength & Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, NSCA Tactical Strength & Conditioning Conference, and Perform Better Summits. His work has been recognized not just in the US, but all over the world as well. He has presented in over 13 countries worldwide and is highly sought after for his innovative functional training concepts. 

In 2005 Josh gained much of his inspiration as he launched his now renown, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) program as an innovative way to look at functional training. Since the inception, DVRT has been taught to top training facilities, personal training businesses, and military units all over the world. In fact, in 2008 Josh was commissioned by the US Army to create an entire fitness program inspired by DVRT for the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion. He has also gone on to work with the U.S. Marines and top sports programs. 

DVRT also saw the creation of the Ultimate Sandbag™. A specifically designed variables resistance sandbag that met the demands of a highly detailed fitness and performance program. The Ultimate Sandbag completely changed how people perform their fitness and performance programs due to the incredible versatility and effectiveness of both the Ultimate Sandbag and DVRT system. Now the DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag have grown in such popularity that organizations such as Under Armor are using them to promote fitness in Rio at the 2016 Olympics. 

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist

Jessica Bento has always had a love sports and athletics including golf, swimming, tennis and track but particularly excelled as a swimmer. Starting back when she was only 9 and continuing on through high school, she sought a coveted place on the 1996 Atlanta Olympic team but a shoulder injury detailed her dreams. After going through physical therapy for torn rotator cuffs, she decided that she would pursue a career in physical therapy as she was drawn to being able to help people regain their function again.

Jessica graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, back in 2006. Since then has worked in every aspect of physical therapy, including sports rehab, in patient neuro, and even geriatric populations in the home setting making sure to broaden her skills as a therapist. She has obtained several certifications including SFMA Level I, Total Body Kinesio Taping, Spinal Manipulation, and many more. She as written for various publications including Breaking Muscle, PT on the Net, & Weck Method and her works have been translated for publication in several different languages.

Jessica is an international presenter specializing in the area of functional fitness, corrective exercise, and performance based training. She has presented at national conferences such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Perform Better, National Strength & Conditioning Association, and in over six countries worldwide.

For a decade, Jessica has served as the director of operations and co-owner of Innovative Fitness Solutions, LLC and Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) education. Her role has included her creating continuing educational courses for fitness professionals and physical therapists, customer service and brand development, and in many leadership roles. She has helped DVRT grow to an international brand used in over 80 countries and U.S. military.


“I started working with Jessica Bento in November. At this point in my life my workouts were all over the place due to working long days. Having Jessica program my workouts based off my physical assessment and available equipment has made a huge impact on my life. She checks in to see how my workouts are going and if I need to anything changed. If I have any questions she is always so fast with a response to make sure my experience is nothing but the best! I would highly recommend working with DVRT Online training with Jessica or Josh if you are wanting to take your fitness to the next level.” ~ Johnny R.

“Jessica designed for me a successful training program that addressed my physical limitation(knees) and met my goals to move well and stronger to handle the daily activities of life as an active-ager. My training program incorporated my at-home equipment and time schedule which helped me to stay committed to the program for 12 months! I am now much stronger and love doing squats. Thank you Jessica!!”


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