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Our Strength Has Failed Us!

Why change?

Why do anything different?

Isn’t the “good ole movements” what we should focus upon?

Do what has always been done?

I hate to tell you, it is a giant lie!

The truth is we use to be on the right path, we use to have the right idea, but then marketing, ego, and media definitely did take us an odd direction.

For most of the time that physical training has existed, the focus on very stationary exercises, those that require very minimal movement actually did NOT make up what people did. There was a focus, an emphasis of moving with strength.

Most would be confused by old time gyms that did not place the same emphasis on giant barbells, or machines. Rather their focus on combining strength into movement was a far more popular concept. 

Think of it.

Most of the earliest forms of strength training weren’t happening in racks, machines, perfectly predictable environments. Why? Most of the early physical preparation performed was for soldiers to survive, to win battles, and to be ready for whatever was thrown at them.

Think of some the truly oldest forms of training? Wrestlers, martial artists, gymnasts, they had the RIGHT idea.

Turkish wrestlers have been training for their sport for centuries, good thing they don’t look fit or strong at all;)

Strength may have been harder to define, but it had never been clearer to the eye.

It was something you knew when you saw it. Strength possessed, movement, athleticism, flexibility, and coordination. Not the often fallacy of strength we see in most fitness magazines and blogs.

What happened?

Somehow the idea of the barbell fit our Western concepts of “bigger MUST be better!”

C’mon, it was easier to see, it was easier to measure, the guys were even big. How could it be wrong?

The funny part is that this is not even how early barbell training was seen. The early adapters (oh let’s not forget that the barbell is really only around 100 years old for those that are all “old school”) still kept this philosophy for many years.

Most would say many of these lifts are unsafe by today’s standards, but were common practice in the early life of the barbell. 

With more modern bodybuilding, machine based training, and an overemphasis of things like Olympic lifting, things have changed.

I am not suggesting we stay with what is old for the sake of some strange nostalgia. However, there is definitely something we can learn!

As our “modern” concepts of strength gained in popularity the idea of overall fitness started to die. Either you were mobile, strong, or athletic, rarely all three.

Don’t we have to choose though? Why do you think so many different programs either choose bodyweight OR weights. Heck, most make you cycle both so that you can get the great benefits that both provide.

In fact, in this regards I think Crossfit may have it more right than most. However, there is still a gap. The bridge between movement based bodyweight exercises and weight exercises shouldn’t be so great.

Why doest there have to be separation with our training philosophies just because we are using weights? Should our lifting be as dynamic, athletic, and thoughtful as our movement based training? Can weight training be more than “picking up heavy sh#&t”?

To be honest, I didn’t go into DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training with this idea in my head. Rather, when I started to experiment and see what COULD be done, everything started to change for me.

I got excited not because old time strongmen used odd objects, but for the first time I really thought I was grasping their intent. Be strong, be agile, be mobile, endure!

That is why I look not to do one or the other, but have a system of how we introduce these concepts over time.

That is why I wanted to share one of my favorite drills, one of the most powerful exercises, and one that you can do at varying fitness levels. The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Lunge Clean and Press.


Why not just load up the barbell and focus on the more popular barbell clean?

The Rotational Lunge Clean does everything, no seriously, it really does!

If it is so great, why don’t more people do it?

Often it is because they don’t know how…

How to introduce it…

How to progress it….

How to make people successful with it.

The fact that some trainers and coaches look at this drill as “too complex” tells me we are moving in the right direction. Our body is capable of so much, why are we limiting what we can do?

You can’t cheat the Rotational Lunge Clean.

You learn your weaknesses with the Rotational Lunge Clean.

You develop all aspects of physical prowess with the Rotational Lunge Clean.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the drill that will begin to reshape how you see fitness.

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