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Our Ultimate Sandbag Training Big 6 Part 1

ultimate sandbag workout equipment

One of the many things that makes me feel old is the simple fact that people want training condensed into sound bites. Yea, yea, I am telling people to get off my lawn, but for good reason (I still sound old don’t I?). When we get these bites of fitness advice it really holds us back from problem solving things when they don’t go well. That is why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training wasn’t completely designed to be the same as everything else. Let me explain!

When I was interviewed the other day for a podcast, the interviewer asked me what our “big 6” for DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training would be in training. Having been in the kettlebell world from almost the beginning, I knew what he was asking. In kettlebells the swing, get-up, snatch, front squat (I think has been changed to Goblet squat), clean, and press.

This was done by the kettlebell community to help streamline all that could be done with kettlebells. I say that because when I went to my kettlebell certification in 2003, we did MANY different kettlebell lifts. The group was full of strength coaches and fitness professionals that had an extensive lifting background. Having this background allowed us to cover  lot of material.

sandbag training

As more and more people found out how great kettlebells were, there were people that didn’t have the same level of expertise wanting to learn how to use kettlebells to get results. Going through all those exercises would have been overwhelming and frustrating. Cleverly, the kettlebell instructors shifted to focusing on six core kettlebell drills.

So, why don’t we do the same? Especially because if there is one criticism I hear about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training it is that our programs are packed full of so much content that it can be a bit overwhelming.

Why not go to six then? Sounds ideal right? I would say to some level this would really help DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Slowing people down and having them really own the technique of our Ultimate Sandbag six so they understand why and how these techniques carry over to so many other movements.

sandbag exercises

My issue has always been if you select six, what happens when you can’t do some of the six? Does this mean that you can’t benefit from DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training? So, what I thought was maybe to find a happy compromise because I think there is value in both.

The goal of this post was to start to outline our “big 6” but also help share how we get there with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Far too often, people try one of our drills, they can’t nail it the first time and then quit! Instead, they just have to know how we get there and use the DVRT system to use our Ultimate Sandbag Training drills to build up to some of these exercises.

sandbag training

Where do we begin? Let’s look at the MAX Lunge as an example. One of our most popular DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises and for good reason! However, when people first try the movement they can find the combination of lunging and having the unique movement of the Ultimate Sandbag to be too much. How can we use Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts to build greater success? Up Downs are one of our favorite Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises to accomplish both. DVRT Master, Cory Cripe and Greg Perlaki, give a couple of powerful examples.

Having the Ultimate Sandbag on the shoulder emphasizes more lateral strength like a moving side plank.


Using the front loaded position with Core Strap and band allows us to create more tension to help build stability while learning how to deal with unstable movement.

These foundations of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training allow us to build more and more to the MAX lunge as we will show in upcoming posts. However, the great thing about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that you never outgrow these exercises, if you add greater load or larger Ultimate Sandbags you will find them to become a new challenge!

Lateral Drag

Another popular DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise because how powerful it can be when done properly. However, there are many aspects of this movement that people miss or they try it and it just beyond their current fitness level. Instead of building up on the movement and developing the qualities that make us successful, far too many people just perform sloppy lateral drags!


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Doing the lateral drag correctly is an immensely challenging DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise. So, even if the above progressions and ideas don’t help your performance, what should you do? Our Bird Dog progressions go a long way in building such success as I show below!

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As we build up in these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises we have the goal of being better and optimizing the “Big 6” of DVRT. What you are finding though is that by having a system we can decide where we are starting and how we are going to attack these great drills. The point of getting good at such DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises isn’t to so you can brag about how you are great at these movements, but so you can benefit from the qualities they teach about functional fitness!