Over 40 Fitness and Ultimate Sandbag Training

Now more than ever it is important to place an emphasis on fitness in your life. Being over 40 means that consuming your life with long drawn out workouts is NOT the way to get results. With the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system (DVRT™) you can accomplish more in 20-30 minutes than most do in hours worth of training. That means age is truly just a number and over 40 fitness can mean the BEST of your life!

Get Fit Over 40 With
DVRT™ and The Ultimate Sandbag

Live, Move, & Feel Better At Any Age with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

This isn’t an infomercial but the real science of training the body as we were designed to move. Teaching the body how to work smarter means increasing the number of muscles we use in each exercises which results in more calories burned, greater strength obtained, and healthier joints. This is the heart of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

No matter your current fitness level, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training helps map out the perfect way to get you on your way to better fitness and health. All with the highly engineered Ultimate Sandbag Training that allows you to have amazing versatility in a safe and fun training environment.

Unlike most things in the gym that are sterile, stable, and perfectly balance, Ultimate Sandbag Training introduces more real world based training. With the unique movements in Ultimate Sandbag Training we can improve core strength and the smaller stabilizers of your joints to actually get you moving better faster and improving your fitness in ways that are completely unexpected.

Designed by physical therapist, Jessica Bento, and international fitness coach, Josh Henkin, the DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag Training  are designed to meet your goals and needs no matter if you are new to fitness or a veteran of the gym. We will walk you step by step making sure that you have all the tools to make your training efficient, fun, and incredibly effective.

There is a reason that the DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag are the tool of choice for rehabilitation clinics, sports teams, military/fire departments, as well as some of the top fitness facilities in over 80 countries worldwide. Our dedication to giving you the best training experience you have ever had is our number one goal.

Check our recommended DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training packages to fit your fitness goals!

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Our Recommendations:

Power Package Sandbag

Power Package

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or are new to DVRT, the Power Package is a great starting point HERE


 Over 40

Starter Combo

Want the world’s smallest complete gym? Try our Starter Combo and see how easy it is to achieve your fitness goals in as little as 20 minute workouts HERE


 Sandbag Strength Package

Strength Package

Been training for a little while and want to take your fitness to the next level? The Strength Package will be your answer HERE

What Our Users Over 40 Are Saying

“In my many years of teaching, training, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has increased my awareness of movement with any modality I now use.The foundational strength I have gained by implementing DVRT and using the Ultimate Sandbag has helped me strengthen weakness I had built from years of lifting, to the mirror. It’s like a one stop shop…building strength, correcting imbalances and or exposing them, with a cardio component. My frame is much more solid because of it. As I eat older this is a huge Godsend and keeps me fitting in the jeans I have had, for years. ;)”

Over 40

Elizabeth S. Andrews, CPT

ACSM, ACE, AFAA Certified

TRX-Senior Course Instructor

“I highly recommend the DVRT System and program to everyone I meet! The DVRT system has had a profound impact not just on my personal fitness but on my professional business as well! For me personally, the DVRT system has evolved into a philosophy and a blueprint for how to train movement and strength. DVRT has expanded my notion of what true strength is, and what is possible! Most importantly however, is that it continues to evolve and challenge my preconceived notions. Like the name implies, it is DYNAMIC and VARIABLE, constantly shifting , evolving and adapting, like life itself!!”

Over 40

James Newman, Owner 

Quest Fitness 

Guilford, CT

“I’ve completed many workshops and certifications in “functional training” using the newest tools our industry or personal trainers have come up. The Ultimate Sandbag gave me more, I learned not only how to implement a dynamic sandbag in all my clients training but also why its needed to make myself and my clients more, live, and perform better. The system you learn bridges together the stability, strength, and mobility sections of all my clients programs. The results in my clients population, especially myself and my clients over 50, speaks for itself! thank you for the research, the continued education and the amazing product Josh and Jessica!”

Over 40

Larisa Lotz

25 Year Fitness Professional

Raleigh, NC

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