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Perfect Combo Ultimate Sandbag Exercises & Bands

sandbag exercise equipment

It is funny to look at one’s self and see how much you have changed. Sure getting older makes you change a host of ways, but when it comes to my training philosophy I can’t tell how dramatic it has been.

That’s starting in the fitness industry basically at 19 (oh those Bally’s days were special!) you are at a different maturity level yourself. Believe it or not, that largely influences how you create fitness programs and coach people as well.

In my early years, I was probably like a lot of fitness professionals. All my training was about heavier, doing more of, or going faster. Does that work? Sure, but that assumes one BIG thing….you are doing the exercises REALLY well!

Of course no one wants to admit their technique needs work, but one of the things I have learned as I have gotten older is how much the little details of technique make such a HUUUUGE difference!

If I am going to be honest, what was missing from my early years were ways to get people to understand the little things that were big things. In reality, I just wasn’t a very good coach.

sandbag exercises

My early days of even teaching Ultimate Sandbag exercises are dramatically different today, but that is evolution.

Fast forward to today, something that I really wanted Ultimate Sandbag exercises to be about was making training smarter. Sounds good, but how? Largely I wanted Ultimate Sandbag exercises to not only challenge people, but to give feedback to them on how to use their bodies better.

Looking at how we coach our Ultimate Sandbag exercises you may have noticed how much time we spend on the cues. Concepts like “pulling the handles apart”, “pull the bag apart with the forearms”, “squish the bug when you rotate”.

sandbag exercises

DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn, highlights some of those “big” little differences.

All of these cues in our Ultimate Sandbag exercises are meant to serve as a means to teach people the REAL value of the movements. A smart lifter, a successful liter knows it isn’t what you lift, but how you lift it that really creates the result we want.

So, whenever I can find other tools to help people learn how to use their bodies well, I am all for it. That is why you have probably seen many times we include mini bands into our Ultimate Sandbag exercises. Sure, they can make an exercise more challenging. However, the real beauty is the feedback they give to the individual during our Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

This ensures that you use the RIGHT muscles, the right movement, and that way get the fitness you won’t and not the injury! How great of a tool can mini bands be with our Ultimate Sandbag exercises?

DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn (creator of DVRT Real World Muscle & Strength as well as DVRT Obstacle Course Racing), has made a terrific video on how we integrate mini bands into teaching success in our Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

Together we have simple tools that yield powerful results!

What mini bands do we recommend? Personally we love Perform Better’s mini bands you can find HERE. Don’t also miss the chance to save 25% and get a $50 coupon during the holiday season on investing in Ultimate Sandbags with coupon code “holiday” HERE