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Perfecting Your Push-Up

I don’t think there is an exercise people go to when it comes to exercise more than the push-up. When people think of “getting in shape”, the push-up is definitely one of the exercises in the discussion. 


Probably for good reason! Most think of the push-up as just a chest exercise, but there is far more to this traditional drill, if you do it right! We have a plank, we have scapular mobility and strengthening, we are teaching the full body to create proper tension, and we even teach the most important lesson, how to engage with the ground. 

You don’t have to be G.I. Jane, or Rocky to nail all the benefits of the push-up. Ironically, the push-up as traditional as it may be, gets done incorrectly all the time. That’s how people end up with those tragic “gym shoulders” that ache all the time, or pain in the wrists (you know who you are!). 

The truth is that all these things can be avoided if you really learn HOW to push-up. You may be thinking though, how does this relate to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training? 

When we teach people HOW to press either standing or horizontally, the push-up is a powerful way to have people learn how NOT to press with the arms, but use the whole body. See what we mean in the video below. 


Okay, so maybe you can get into this push-up position, but upper body strength is still lacking. How can you use our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts to progress without doing a push-up? See how we use one of our DVRT Restoration drills to create some awesome strength.



You should be noticing that we are adding layers to everything! When you understand real movement strength, you have no limits in variety, but really everything has greater purpose. One of the ways we show this is how we can even transition to really complex drills and put a whole new spin on them. If you think you have your push-up nailed down, you MIGHT be ready for this great challenging kettlebell drill. Chances are, even if you THINK you know this exercise, using these DVRT concepts will change how you perform it forever!