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Planks Are SO Boring

YAWN! That is how most people really feel about planks right?! I mean, have you ever read a workout or written a workout and went, YES, I can’t wait to do my planks!

Now, just because we don’t like something, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be doing it. However, this where maybe our body and brains are telling us the RIGHT thing! 


Doing marathon plank-a-thons isn’t the best way to improve core and real world strength. The reality is that once you can plank for about a minute, anything more is unnecessary. What the plank SHOULD be doing is teaching you how to brace your core and prevent your trunk from moving as your legs and arms move. 

Ultimate Sandbag exercises like our Dead Bugs aren’t popular because they are cool, but because they work to build the foundations of good core strength like planks. 

The point of doing so is not only minimizing stress on your low back, but also giving your legs and arms a strong platform to demonstrate their strength. That is why I am not so keen on people using weight belts, your legs can only be as strong as the platform the core will allow them to be in real life. If you DO exceed that, then we often see injury too!

Now all this doesn’t mean you start doing circus tricks and call it “core training”. Using exercises though that teach us how to resist motion is extremely important though so we need to have some though behind such drills. That is why this series by Physical Therapist, Jessica Bento, is more than just another way to torch your core!

What is so much better with these types of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises is that we are not just building up strength in lifting a weight, but we are also building the important strength in RESISTING the weight. Such exercises can be amazing way to not only tap into new muscles, but to make our bodies smarter and more injury resilient too!

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